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Suggestions from Buyer perspective (Search fix, Hide Seller, Task Categories in Manage Orders, Rolling Bounty Board)

A few comments based on how things are going for me as a buyer:

It’s a struggle to find people who I expect to fit what I’m looking for. I get a LOT of “dud” results. If I set a Max Budget and toggle Commercial License to On, I get things where the bottom tier fits my budget, but does not include commercial license at the bottom tier. It’s like the search is checking if commercial license is available at all, and then checking the price. So I get results I can’t use where commerical license is not available at my max budget price.

I would like a “Hide” function in Search to put away profiles I’m avoiding for price reasons or the initial interaction didn’t go well. I search in pretty broad terms to I can find and check anyone offering what I’m looking for, so I see the same people a lot and it slows me down to figure out if I already passed on them or not. Right now I’m putting the people I want to ignore in a List, and then not skipping in search anyone I have in a List.

I would like to be able to set categories in the Manage Orders section. Ex, I have Art, Writing, and Code sellers’ tasks sorted chronologically, but I have tasks coming in and out for the three. It takes me a while to hunt down and sort through which tasks are open since some sellers are grinding through tasks faster than others. I had to set up a separate google doc to track who is doing what and what stage our interactions are at.

As a probably too-edge-case suggestion… By the time all my writing tasks are delivered, I’ll have probably about 200 art tasks available. I’ve found a decent number of artists I’m willing to just open up the tasks to. It would be cool if I could fill a sort of “bounty board” as I get the writing back and can make art tasks, and invite the approved sellers to it and let them work through it. Right now I spend a lot of time searching for, filtering, and negotiating quotes with sellers. It would save me a lot of time, and I could put more money through the system in a shorter time, if I was able to “automate” my task distribution like that.


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Have you sent your suggestions to Fiverr?

Have you blocked any profiles? The block option (usually) works to prevent messages from being sent to you, but it might hide it in the search? I’ve not heard of anyone mentioning search results one way or the other though, so probably not. Then again, we don’t get many strictly-Buyer people here in the forums, so it’s not a topic brought up much.

On the ‘managing-orders’ idea, though, I think Fiverr could greatly benefit from implementing some sort of integrated Project Management program, but that sounds expensive, and thus unlikely to be done. (Fiverr is notably stingy, in some cases). The search functionality and filters, though, seems a reasonable suggestion.

The edge-case collaboration… Have you looked into Studios? It’s a beta feature (and has been for years), but I think that collaborations are one of the things Studios are suppose to be for.


Oh, I thought this was where to put suggestions. What is the proper channel to send suggestions?

I haven’t used Block yet in case it puts a negative SEO mark on people I block as if they had done something bad.

How do I find Studios? I saw them mentioned in another thread, but I didn’t see them mentioned on any of the features I have access to. Is it under Fiverr Business or something?

Thanks for the reply!

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There isn’t really a ‘proper channel’ for suggestions specifically, but you can reach Fiverr Customer Support (oft abbr. as CS) through

(For general problems,

And it’s fine to put suggestions here in the forums, as you can get feedback on your ideas. A second opinion, as it were, is always helpful with written proposals. Fiverr itself isn’t known for visiting the forums, though some staff do show up from time-to-time.

As for the ‘block’ feature, that’s a valid point and it’s very generous and considerate of you. (Though, if any of them set off major alarm bells or red flags, or plain outright break the Fiverr ToS, then you can block without worry. Sellers who don’t know, don’t follow, or plain haven’t read the ToS should probably not be selling on a platform that takes it’s major rules very seriously.) You can always ask CS how blocking works, though they might be vague. Maybe asking specifics “Does blocking a user hide the profile in the search results?” and “Does blocking hurt profiles?” will get clearer yes/no replies. If they give you an answer, would you be willing to share it here? It would be a great help, if other Buyers come to the forums with the same problem.

On Studios, I found this in the site footer, though, as mentioned it’s in beta and still rather clunky. This might be something else you can ask CS about, if there’re studios that might meet your project needs.

Any other questions?


Nope, thank should be good! Thanks for your help!


Though with studios you can only have about 5 sellers & gigs in a studio and they have to be different enough (maybe in a different subcategory), eg. so you could have a studio that contained a gig for doing writing, 1 for code, 1 for art, but you couldn’t have a studio that contained multiple sellers all doing the same sort of art work as far as I know (so I think you couldn’t split the same art task between multiple sellers in a studio, as studios work now).

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Another suggestion should Fiverr people stop in; add the option to remove items from the Notifications tab of the Messages list, or remove system ones once they’re actioned. Right now my Notifications Feed has 21 “How Was Your Delivery” prompts and 11 order feeds. I have 14 active orders. The “How Was Your Delivery” prompts are pushing out/hiding active order and making them harder to chase down/wrangle/track.