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I am new in the forum and I am not sure where to ask this.

I saw a thread for Fiverr Site Suggestions and most of the posts there made solid points for improving Buyer and Seller experience however, how many of those suggestions were actually implemented by Fiverr?

or has Fiverr ever implemented a change just because their users were clamoring for it?

I just want the peace of mind that Fiverr actually listens to people’s suggestion and I’d be happy

Thank you


Yes, Fiverr does listen to the users’ suggestions and they are constantly improving their platform almost in every aspect. Anyone who is here for a few years would have witnessed a lot of changes to make it a better marketplace.


The Site Suggestions area is for any suggestion that is intended to improve anything about the site itself, the buyer/seller experience, or would otherwise have to be implemented by staff. In rare cases there is a response to user suggestions, although the truth is that the chances are slim of the suggestion being seen by staff on the forum.

That said, why not make it unless it violates the existing ToS? Staff rarely visits the forum and when they do respond to user suggestions it is usually because many users agree and the suggestion is sometimes given many times over. I would send your suggestion to Support before even posting it here since a real staff member will see it and perhaps forward it to the right team. There is still no harm in adding your voice to the Site Suggestions category of the forum.

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