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Suggestions on enhancing customer communications


I’m a big believer in keeping sellers informed. It helps them to know what is happening, shows you care about their order, and develops trust.

Because of that, I make sure I communicate with buyers as follows:

  • When they first place an order with me.
  • When I start working on the order.
  • When I deliver the order.
  • Follow up if they haven’t placed an order.

I have set up quick replies to keep this process as smooth as possible.

Here’s what they look like…

Place an order

Hi [username},

Thanks very much for placing an order with me, I really appreciate it. I have all your requirements and will make a start on your order soon. I will contact you if I have any questions, let you know when I am working on your order, and when you can expect it back.

If you have any questions for me, please let me know. I’m here to help.


Working on order

Hi [username],

I just wanted to let you know I am starting on your order now and expect to deliver it soon - keep an eye on your inbox!

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Hi [username],

I am very happy to provide you with your completed order.

You can access your content through the Google Doc here: or the attached Word document.

A few points on how I created the content:

  • Point 1.
  • Point 2.
  • Point 3.

Next Steps
I want to make sure you’re delighted with the content, here’s what to do next:

  • If you would like me to make revisions to the content, please use the “Comment” function in Google Docs or Word to highlight areas you would like me to change.

  • If you are happy with the content, that’s excellent! I would be very grateful if you could leave me a review - it helps me to get visibility on Fiverr and ensures I am doing a good job.

  • If you have any further questions or comments, please let me know. I would be delighted to work with you again.

Have a great day,


Follow up
Hi [username],

I was just following up on our earlier conversation to see if you wanted to go ahead with the work? If so, please do book my gig and I will be able to complete your order.

If you have any further questions before booking, please let me know, I am here to help.



I hope these suggestions are useful for others - please feel free to amend and use them yourselves. Please add in any tips you have for enhancing communications.

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I have similar placeholder messages to click to keep a good back and forth with my buyers. As a buyer I hate not getting any contact until the order is completed, so I strive to be the seller I wish everyone was :wink: lol


This is very helpful. Thank you.


Just wondering what your hints and tips are for improving buyer <> seller comms.


It really depends on your service and delivery time.

For example, before I even send a custom order, I send them a proposal that outlines all the project requirements, goals, scope, KPI’s, cost and check points. That way they know exactly what they are getting into.

Regarding updates, my average delivery time is about 14 days so in order to keep my clients up to date, I share my task list via Google Drive. That way I don’t have to worry about updating my clients.

Once the first draft is ready I send them a video recording explaining what I did and what are the next steps to complete their order. With bigger projects it really helps if you summarize the work you’ve completed and what comes next.

Before I deliver my order I check with the client if there’s anything they’d like to change. If not, then I deliver my order and thank them.


Love it. Very smart. I agree with the overall 100%, but I suspect the details depend on the category AND your overall delivery time.

I love that you have a system. In my mind that is the key factor that all sellers should develop. (Hats off to you!)

Since I’m delivering 90% of my orders within 24 hours, I don’t do as many messages.

I always thank them for the order and let them know it will be back within 24 hours or less, and if I have questions I’ll contact them.

If they are repeat clients I rarely send them a “I’m working on it…” message, because they know they will get it before our deadline. (In 2800 gigs, I’ve been late less than a half dozen times, and 3 of those were less than 15 minutes late…)

If it’s a larger project, then I do send them “It’s in process now…” note, or “It’s been recorded, and after it finishes my QC process, it will be back to you…”

Again, the most important takeaway for me from your post: Develop a system to provide feedback to clients while their work is in process. That’s a win for everybody.

Every seller should be refining their system over time.


I think that great communication is one of the things that sets great freelancers apart from good freelancers…


Very helpful, Thank you so much for sharing


Thank you for sharing. Very helpful. I’m a new seller.


It seems to me too much resourceful as I am a new seller and thanks for this information.


Thanks a lot for this tips :sparkles:


Thanks for your great tips :slight_smile:


I’ve found that the best way to encourage good buyer/seller communication is to start with the gig description, image, video and FAQ sections.

Although I thought I was being very clear in my specifications as to what my gigs do and don’t cover, I was still struggling with buyers purchasing my gigs in error, and having to mutually cancel, which was of course affecting my cancellation rate.

I asked some forum friends to have a look at my gigs and offer suggestions - I now have a note as to what I offer at the top of my gig, in my image section, at the start of the gig videos, and in the FAQ section.

This has resulted in fewer cancellations, and happy buyers. :slight_smile:


Wonderful Tips… using little bit. I am sending message on confirmation & order delivery.

I can also start message when I will start working on package.


Your Tips are appreciable!


That’s a great suggestion on making the gig as good as it can be to begin
with. I used all ten of my FAQ slots in each gig to really try and lay out
what the gig does and doesn’t do. You’re right in that providing good
information up front is one of the best ways of getting everything off to a
good start.


You captured my ideas about communication. Thanks for sharing.

Looking for more quick responses Please share what you have Only for seller

Great templates! The only other thing I add to the message I send out when I receive an order is a line where I add extras to add a little more to the $ of the order, and to offer more services that could enhance the customer’s experience.

In my case (voiceovers), that line is something like "please know that I can also matchmy voice to the timing of your reference video for just a small amount more, " or “I noticed you have several sections in your script that look like they could be separated. For a small charge I can send those sections separated so all you have to do is paste them into your video and save a little time and effort.”

Cheers from Cancun!



That’s a great idea! I will add in.


Thanks for sharing this informative post. It’s actually good for me. I get some good information from your content.