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Suggestions on how I can promote my gig of Placing banner ads on our website with over 100K Views


Hello Folks, I have been on Fiverr for more than a year as a buyer but a newbie when it comes to selling. I just started my first gig to sell banner ads on our website which has over 100K views (50K from United States).

I have read the forum topics and got a great deal of knowledge on what to and what not do. I noticed there are several experienced sellers who shared their experiences. I would really appreciate if anyone can give any ideas on selling banner ads and more insight into how to drive traffic to the gig.

Take a look at my gigs -

Thank you, I look forward to your suggestions.



A prettier picture would be good too. It seems really plain and bright on the eyes


For starters, change your avatar :slight_smile:

With your gig “I will keep a banner ad at a prominent location on my entertainment website with 100K page views for $5” there’s a typographical error on the image. It should read "Prominent instead of “Prominant.” Also add the following keywords for better search ranking: banner, ads, promotion, advertisement, games, celebrity, news. :slight_smile:


I will order tell me web where u will put?


Your gig is looking actually amazing to me, but i am not gone order… do you know why?? because you have not placed any proof of your website traffic, not even mention the link of your website in your gig description, if you dont want to get a backlink from fiverr then at least put your link in the picture of your gig…

BTW PM me the link of your website because i have a game related website too and want to purchase your gig :slight_smile:


Folks, Great suggestions, pretty impressed with the feedback. I really appreciate your help.

@retweet - I sent you PM, let me know.

@vebtools - I will update all the info and PM you.

Do post if you have any more suggestions.



Reply to @nish912: You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions folks. I changed my gig with some of the above feedback. Take a look and let me know anything else I could do to get traffic.

@vebtools - PM’ed, let me know if you are interested.

Thank you again!


Reply to @vebtools: Yup, placing proof like a screen grab from google analytics will help, also include details like bounce rate, etc. :slight_smile:


Can you pm me too? I would like to see your website, I actually think to place there 2 ads…

Thank you.


Reply to @hasanoben: Responded. Thank you for contacting.


Reply to @magisworks: Thanks Magis. Yes, I have attached the same to my gig!


Please help me…how can i increase my sell…please see my gigs:



Hi and welcome!

Seller Start Up Basics

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Design it from the EXPERT… $5 Only…


Which one is it? when I click on the link you posted to all of your gigs, I do not see any that start off by saying something like "I will place your banner on my Xxxxx website with 100K views every month’. You need to at least say what kind of website, what industry as not everyone wants a banner on all kinds of things, people show for their target market. So if someone sells perfume but you are tech website, that’s not a good fit for them. And is that 100K view per month?

And when click on your link above, it says you are not available for orders.