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Suggestions on How to Improve


Could someone please look at my profile and my gig and give me advice on how to improve?


You need to check your pricing as your basic package is much cheaper than buying your other packages so there is no incentive to buy those. Also your profile description does not say enough about your experience. Suggest you look at other profiles to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, basically what @lloydsolutions says. Your basic package (5$) is for 15 pages, and your standard package (30$) is for 30 pages. However, purchasing two basic packages (10$) will give you the same as your standard package.


Hey could you also check out my profile and my gig? so that you could give me some advice,review and suggestion on how to improve my sales.


If you want help you need to create your own post under the category “Improve My Gig”.


Ok. Thanks for the advice still new here at Fiverr


Could you take another look at my profile and gig to see if the changes I made were actually improvements? I would really appreciate it. TIA


You’re right. :grinning:


That’s more like it! Just put a capital G on" guaranteed" in the line under your profile image and you are good to go. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: