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Suggestions on my first gig

Can someone please provide me feedback on my gig and tell me the catch to get the first customer?

You currently have no active gigs.
Please see here to get started:

It is now active. Can you review it please?

There is still no active gig in your profile.

Umm, really? It is showing active from my side. I will share the screenshot here so that you can guide me a bit better, please?

According to this, my gig is active. No?

This is what I see, no gig in your profile:

Which is interesting, since you are getting impressions.

Oh, now I know what went wrong. You have typed a wrong username. I have two underscores in my name and hence, it says aimen__03 and not aimen_03. That;s why you weren’t seeing the gigs. I hope gig would be visible once you write aimen__03.

Hi Aimen,

Here’s some feedback:

The video in your gig has no audio, is that intentional?
Please fix the basic package description: you’ve written “blog pos” instead of “blog post”.
You can put a line space between the paragraphs by putting the line space twice in the description.
There are some grammatical issues in the FAQs, please fix those.

Other than that, you can use buyer requests to get your first order. Here are some resources:
Resources for new sellers
Buyer requests

Good luck and have a great day!


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Thank you so much Adeel for your valuable feedback. I ill recheck the package once again and make it better. Thanks again :slight_smile:
P.S: Yes, the video is without the audio.

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