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Suggestions on my Gigs?


I think most of my gigs look good however my impressions to views/click ratio is low. What things do you think I could improve upon to get more attention to my gigs?

Edit: Ignore the soundboard and logo gigs, I’ll likely be removing/remaking these soon.


Hi expeditious,

I think one problem might be that, with the exception of your fake-virus gig where the benefit is pretty self-explanatory, your gig description are all pretty vague.

I will just take your website review gig as one example. You don’t make it clear what you’re reviewing/testing for: bugs? Load time? Broken links? Mobile-friendliness? Browser compatibility?

Use up ALL the space you’re allowed for every gig description.

Also, lead with a big BENEFIT of what you’re offering instead of the FEATURES. What is a pain point for people that you’re solving, or something they’re afraid of that you can give them peace of mind about? For example, people are probably afraid that if their website sucks or is broken, that that will lead to lost sales because potential customers will get frustrated, leave and go to a competitor. Make them imagine a better future where they know they don’t have to worry because they’ve had a professional assessment of their site and have been assured that there aren’t big problems with it.

You could also play with keyword alternatives for your gig titles and tags. For example I’m not sure many people search “get me employed.” You might have better luck with “I will apply for jobs for you – in bulk” and change the image to say something like “ARE YOU UNEMPLOYED?” or “JOB APPLICATION MAGIC

Try out different combinations. Make multiple gigs that are similar but not identical and see which ones perform better.