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Suggestions to help me improve


Hi everyone,
It’s almost two months since I created my gigs, yet I have not had a single order. Your suggestions on how I can improve will be highly appreciated. Here is the link to my profile:
Thanks in advance.


There are many reasons for that but I’ll give you one.

As an illustrator I can tell you straight away that your thumbnail is … awful…

“high quality proof reading” does not match with your thumbnail.

I made a quick search and your chances should be good actually considering your gig is shown on top of the list. Yet I will tell you something very important:

If I was searching for your service I WOULD SKIP IT AND CONTINUE SCROLLING. The thumbnail is simply not appealing. Put yourself on the buyers perspective. If you searched for proofreading would you click on your own gig ?

Also have a look at the screenshot again. Which of the gigs seems more friendly, inviting, noticeable? Honestly your gig thumbnail is not standing out from the mass.

Next point is I clicked on your gig and the 3rd gallery picture was simply taken out of stockimages or similar sites. Not a good idea. Doesn’t seem professional. I would suggest having no gallery image is better than having a gallery image with a watermark on it.

Change that and you should at least get more clicks on your gig. And more clicks increase the chance for getting your first order.

Good luck mate.


Your gig need to share on social media…
like facebook


Thank you very much mate; I am very grateful for the response. But would you mind if I asked you to recheck after making the necessary corrections?


I really appreciate this.


Send buyer request regularly.
Share your gig in social media.
Update your gig.
Use eye catching gig thumbnail.
Research keyword.
Write unique description.
Stay online most of the times in a day.
Thats all.


Social Media GIG marketing gets good amount of imoressions and clicks. Three times a day I share links to my gig on social media with relavent haashtags. It worked for me well . You can do as well. It may also help you. Cheers! mate! Hang in there!


I am grateful for your response.


I really appreciate this.