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Suggestions to improve my gigs

I am new to Fiverr, having tough time getting my first orders
any idea on how to improve my gig to get more clients ?

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I am concerned about your video. I watched it, and it doesn’t effectively promote your services. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the purpose of your gig video is. Perhaps, to improve your gig presentation, you might try creating and uploading a more straightforward video. Try something with less bells and whistles – less wordy exposition – and just the facts: the facts about what you can offer to your clients.

Be direct. Be simple. Don’t try to be cool with unnecessary video elements. Describe WHAT you do, not what’s cool about what you do.

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I’d also say that in the video you spell it “proof read”, while in your gig title you spell it “proofread”. As a proofreader, you’ve got to at least be consistent with your own spellings, or people won’t trust you.


that seems helpful , Thanks for advice

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that is something I didn’t notice , thanks for advice