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Suggestions to new sellers who are not getting orders!

Hi there. 

So i have being seeing lately so many new sellers complaining that fiverr doesn’t work, that they are not getting any orders, that no one hires them when they send out buyer’s request, etc. It is a hot topic and I am going to try to give some advice on this issue. This is my opinion and what has worked for me.

    • The first thing i would say is be patient. I remember when i started i was also eager to start getting orders and working. You need to understand that there are a lot of sellers competing against you in every single niche. So don’t think that because you created a gig, customers will come down and purchase your gigs immediately. It doesn’t work like that. There are many factors that play a role in a customer making a purchase decision and i will talk about that next.
    • Optimize your gigs. Yes you might have guess it or not but optimizing your gigs is very important. Study your top competitors, see how their gigs are structured, how their images look, how their description and tittle read (which top keywords are they using), which tags are they using in their gigs, and how their offer is structured to make them competitive. Then you must work on your gigs to incorporate those things and try to make yours as competitive as possible.
    • Work on your offer. I see most new sellers just offering a service for a low price and thinking that since they charge very low customers will easily buy their products. The problem is there are many many sellers doing the same thing with their offer and it’s very difficult to stand out like that. So work on your offer, what can you bring to the table in terms of bonuses? what can you add to your services for free that a customer would appreciate for the same price they paid? what can you do that your competitors are not doing with their services? In other words add value by offering bonuses which will make you more attractive to customers.
    • Promote your gigs. When we start our journey as new sellers we have pretty much no traction. Please understand that in the beginning we are placed on the last pages of the niche and no buyer can find us there. I see so many new sellers saying that fiverr doesn’t work, that they get no impressions, etc, and it’s because they do not understand how it works. So our job is to increase visibility to our gigs after they have being optimized, get sales, get reviews, and rank our gigs to page 1 for our main keywords. So how do we do that? Well by promoting our gigs on social media, blogs, youtube, etc. That way we increase impressions, and if we have a good offer and an optimized gig, we should be able to get some new orders which most likely result in reviews. And by doing this continuously we can increase our prices, we get more orders, more reviews, and we start to rank higher in the search results.

These things and others have helped me get to where i am today and I am sharing them because i see so many new sellers frustrated and blaming fiverr for not getting orders, and i’m trying to lay out the foundation here so that new sellers can use this and increase their chances of success.

Hope you found this helpful and have a great journey here on fiverr :slight_smile:


When I first started I worked complex projects for 5$ gigs to earn my reviews and ranking. It pays off, trust me. Good luck!

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