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Summer holidays are almost here?

Hey fiverr gang!

Just joined up this week, a couple weeks before our holiday to Canada!
(currently living in the UK)

Summer’s approaching (English weather would say different!) and it got me thinking…

Where are you all travelling to this Summer?!


Hahaha you’re awesome @leebrown :rofl: Finally someone with something thoughtful and funny. Well in August my friends and I going on Holidays to paradise island of Ibiza, It’s party time, YAYYY!

Have you ever been to Ibiza? I wish you a great holiday in Canada, in a matter of fact a good friend of mine who lives in London in which I met here on Fiverr is in Canada at this very moment. What a coincidence. :joy:

Watch out for bears though!! :rofl::joy: Have a great holiday !!


I’m going nowhere! I took a trip to Florida this April and I’m done traveling for the year. Back to saving up for me.


Haha thanks pal. That sounds mega… dare I ask will you be in taking advantage of the nightlife?!

Never been actually :frowning: have only ventured as far as Madrid & Barcelona in Spain - have you been to the mainland?

Well if you don’t hear from me next month be sure to send out a rescue party or i’ll have probably re-enacted the scene from Revenant :rofl::rofl:

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Florida, that’s awesome @alexanderparsan. Never been in the USA, to be honest, would be glad to visit someday though, especially Miami Florida!! Have a great holiday wherever this may be… Warmly Humberto

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I mean Florida isn’t a bad gig at all right?! Was it for work or Disneyland :wink:

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It was a Disneyland Trip :wink:


I left at a great time, it was snowing again here in Canada when I took off!


noooooooo… hopefully East Coast? We’ll be heading to Vancouver :sweat_smile:

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This was in April. I’m in Ontario. Much nicer now across the board!!

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Hhahaha … good to know this isn’t it @leebrown :rofl:

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Hhahhaah, the problem is, I’m not much of a drinker myself so all my drinks go to my friends. Well, at least most of it will!! :rofl: Ibiza is awesome. Yes, I’ve been a few times to Spain, once in Marbella and twice to Barcelona. Madrid I’ve never visit though. A rescue party is already on it’s way :rofl::joy:

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Guys appreciate it but I think this thread is not related to this topic. So better to move this topic somewhere else. kindly Humberto

Canada? That’s awesome! Some respite from the sweltering summer heat, eh? :wink: I’ve been to the U.K. in the summer (Birmingham, West Midlands and London, to be exact), and I know that it can get pretty hot and boiling there. :wink:

I had gone on a two month long trip to Thailand last summer, and it was frickin awesome! Although I was there for two whole months, I had so much fun that it felt like I was in Thailand for only a week. It was a blur of midnight walks along the beach, crazy parties, and conversations well into the wee hours of the morning. The weather was perfect; the rich natural beauty was scenic and breathtaking.

Since my Thailand trip obviously cost a pretty penny, I am currently saving up some dough so that I can plan another trip this fall/autumn. I have my eyes trained on Cyprus this time around. Although, I’ve already been to Greece a few times, this will be my first time in Cyprus.

Imo, everything that has been discussed so far has been relevant to what’s mentioned in the original post. :thinking:

Sub-categories such as user introductions/conversations have more lax rules. It is perfectly okay to talk about what you did last summer/plan on doing this summer on a thread that’s in the conversations/user introductions sub-category; other sub-categories such as My Fiverr gigs or Fiverr stories may not be the best sub-category to talk about stuff that’s not Fiverr-related. :slight_smile: (Mods, please correct me if I am wrong :wink: ).

It is all about context and the category/sub-category to which the post belongs. :slight_smile: While you’re welcome to talk about stuff that’s going on in your private life in posts under certain “fun” sub-categories, the same might be frowned upon in other “serious” sub-categories. This distinction might not be very obvious at first sight. You will get better at it as you spend more time on the forum. :slight_smile:

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Madrid. I’m going to see The Cure live. I have to catch them while I can before they retire.


No where during the summer months but right after i’m going on a cruise with my wife to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico.



The Cure, “Catch”, 1987.

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me is one of my top desert island albums.


I’m more of a Disintegration girl myself but I’m in no way judging your choices. :slight_smile:


Great places guys, after a year of work I am going to…Zanzibar, Africa! If someone there in August let me know.


I’ve been planning to go for years. It’s still considered an “alternative” tourist route where you can get an authentic experience, not to mention that’s where Freddie Mercury’s from. Have a fun trip. :slight_smile: