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Summer/Winter is here!

Ok seems the time of the year where everybody is gone… are you planning to go on vacation somewhere? Or perhaps a quick space!

I´m in Argentina and is winter here. So, I´m planning to go to my couch and watch Netflix until I get blind and can´t eat any more popcorn. (Hope my clothe still big enough!) Hopefully, I´ll enjoy some vacations on summer (December!) Can’t wait to see the beach again.


Well, on this side of town it’s summer and I appreciate being outdoors and bathing in the Sun.

I do plan on going on a vacation but wherever that may be, Fiverr would come with me!

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Can’t imagine that going blind would be good for somebody that offers video production as a gig.

yup, life can be harsh sometimes

Usually I’m in Japan but right now I’m in Seattle.
Soon me and my friends will be going to San Diego Comic Con!!

Last year I did my very first cosplay in my life. I was Waldo. Yeah, an Asian female Waldo.
My friend has a lot of costumes and she pulled out several from her closet…
I said no to the sexy fairy.
I said no to the sexy nurse.
I said no to the sexy whatever that piece of fabric was.

Then she pulled out the Where’s Waldo outfit and I thought OK, THAT I can do.
I have to admit, it was pretty fun. People kept saying “Ah, found you Waldo!” and along with a high-five. I even had this little boy run up to me saying “Waldo!! I love youuuuuu!” and gave me a hug. OK, that was…very cute.

I don’t think I’ll be wearing any costumes this year though.
SDCC, nerd kingdom, here I come!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sexy waldo?

Summer here. It’s hot.

hahaha, nope, it was the standard red/white stripe shirt, the cap, and jeans and glasses!
I also bought a cane as a prop, but nothing kinky or sexy! :smiley:

I won’t be surprised if someone actually DID do a sexy Waldo cosplay…

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