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Sunday EPL News

News is Mourinho will rest his main players and play just kids against Wenger’s Arsenal. I would just love it, love it, love it, if he actually does that and still wins. LOL. Ultimate humiliation of an old enemy. Wenger would be finished, and Arsenal would be done for a generation. I fully expect Mourinho to do that!

Bro what do you have to say about second match between Juventus and Monaco?

Obviously easy win for Juventus. Juventus vs Real Madrid…I think that match was played in a Champions League final before, which Juventus won, not sure.

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Rule number 1 when dealing with Jose - Don’t ever believe him when it comes to team selection. I can’t see him taking the chance of being beaten by Arsenal though, no love lost between him and Wenger.
One of my fave interviews with Jose was when he named both his and Barcelona’s starting 11 for a match and was right!

Thing is, Jose chose to spend loadsa money on one player when he could have bought 2-4 players to ensure he had cover for all positions. He didn’t, instead he gambled so that he could get Pogba. Essentially, having to play a weaker team (if he does) is his own fault.

As for Juve - Real, When great attack meets great defense, it is almost always great defense that holds on to win it. Would love Juve to win it, to give a boost to Italian football.
The art of defense is so vital to winning yet gets no recognition. It has taken Kante being the best, most influential player in the league 2 years running to finally get some recognition but even though he has decided the Premier league trophy (the most competitive top league) again this season, he doesnt get near being world player of the year. It’s always between two attacking players who play in immense teams in leagues where 80% of the opposition are whipping boys. Great players sure, but would their teams be ok without them? Probably.


La Liga has become boring because of Messi and Ronaldo. I remember how 10-15 years ago it was just as fun as EPL with great teams such as Deportivo and Valencia. All teams were competitive back then and Real and Barca were not that far ahead.

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Yep, it was a huge difference - even Celta Vigo were a force back then. I think it is more to do with Real & Barca’s ability to buy anyone they want from their competitors due to how the money from TV income works over there.
It will come back to bite them though. We have seen glimpses of it with Barca against PSG in the first leg and then Juventus as well as other times. Some of the most talented attacking players of all time being helpless as their defense was pummeled by PSG while against Juve, their attack couldn’t do anything against Juve’s well drilled defense.

Real and Barca face weak teams every week - those teams don’t offer enough competition to keep the best players sharp and they don’t need decent/well organized defenders as their attacks will always score enough anyway.

They will end up like Celtic and Rangers - Two teams competing domestically but never real contenders in Europe.

Hey this is a really good idea, EPL news thread only that its coming at the latter end of the season, still we can create one for the 17/18 season come August.

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Damp squib. :confounded:

Such a rubbish game, at least we had a lively thread to keep us entertained

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Chelsea have 4 very easy games, just checked. Title should be sealed tomorrow.

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Chelsea wins. Congratulations to @eoinfinnegan Conte is without question the best manager in the world.

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I still have a soft spot for Jose.
Conte was very fortunate to get Kante, especially for the price he did. Kante gave the defense the time to get used to the system as he covers so much ground and so many mistakes from others. He is literally like 2 players every time he plays. Without Kante I think we would have finished 2nd or possibly been in the mix for 3rd/4th/5th with the others.

Still, we got him and that’s what counts - Gonna finish it off in style on Friday at West Brom.

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Yeah, Kante is like Mekelele of Real Madrid. Remember him? He was sold when they bought Beckham and that started the decline of the then Real Madrid team. Mekelele did the hard work while Zidane, Figo etc. had fun. [Real has taken many ridiculous decisions like that. It’s good they have an infinite supply of money from the banks, otherwise they would have been gone by now.]

Yep, Makelele was a Chelsea player after he played at Real. He helped us to 2nd and was key in Jose’s first title win for us. I actually think Kante is better again, he covers way more ground and his distribution is better too. Makelele was more of a crab footballer like Mikel - only passed the ball sideways, never forwards :smiley:

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