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🌻 Fiverr is reducing (4041 editing gigs gone)


We all know Fiverr is on a spring cleaning spree!

Just for fun, I entered the keyword “proofreading” on Fiverr and took a screenshot of the breakdown in the sidebar that shows how many gigs there are.

A moment of mourning for all the fraud we have lost… :sob:

“Proofreading” from April 29th to May 30th…

-4,041 total
Down a couple hundred more in the past week or so, looks like it’s leveling out.

First Evaluation: Measuring competition (How many promotions/demotions were there)

This should be interesting.



Great idea, although I don’t think we’ll see a decreasing difference simply because there will be many new sellers coming in for this niche, probably daily or so… I might be wrong though :smiley:


There has been an increase of around 10,000 logo design gigs in the past 6 weeks or so bringing the total to around 72,007 as of right now. Will be interesting to see how that one pans out.


70k? And to think that I thought the writing category got competitive at times :smile:


Thank you!!! :grin:


I wonder which category is the most/least popular on Fiverr, both for the buyer and the seller?

Any stats MODS? :wink:


The obvious answer is 42, but it´s still interesting. Is there some ‘hard deadline’ on that 30 days phone verification thing btw, do we know when the time for the last ones it was/will be rolled out to, will be up?

I think there should be a raise in resume gigs now or soon (Forbes article on Fiverr resume millionaire someone posted recently).

Keyword: Translation, 2017-04-30


Surprised to see the category has shrunk a little bit overall (down 806 gigs). Who knows what the cause of it is, though. I had to verify my number weeks ago, but I’m not sure if they went by category or some other metric when rolling it out.

“Proofreading” from April 29th to May 9th




Wow - now that is definitely something.

Does that mean 800 gigs were removed?


I’m unsure whether it includes paused gigs, but I’m sure many were deleted (either by the user or by Fiverr).


702 down for translation.

[details=some blah]Funny thing is though that while my own bestseller isn´t in there (edited it about 1 1/2 days ago and it´s not back yet) I encountered quite a few pretty dubious ones, not looking for them, just while searching for my gig, (another) one with a profile text stolen from me and some of the kind gig 1: Translation from A into B, gig 2: Professional Translation from A into B, but whatever :wink:

But I guess without knowing if the gigs sellers were complaining having gone from search are just temporarily gone or got removed and with lots of people editing their gigs because they lost sales since the search algorithm test, it´s impossible to tell if this is temporary or really means it´s gigs removed because of inactivity, failed phone verification etc.

I suppose we´ll have to count again once the search algorithm test officially is over and everyone can find their legit gigs in search again. :thinking:[/details]


The numbers are making my hopes go high as falcon.


I noticed that every edit one makes - your gig will removed from results for some time. Additionally, it may also go lower in the ranks.


Oops, then I better stop tweaking my gig!

I updated keywords a couple days ago, and then altered the description yesterday, but I think it’s live again because I’m still getting messages.


I did some minor changes and when I went to search for my best selling gig it was nowhere to be seen (I filtered out all online sellers and mine wasn’t there.)

To be safe - only update your gig IF YOU HAVE TO.

The @Woofy31 update: It will eventually return to the search however: It will take time.



(off topic) @sydneymorgan

Thought I’d share…

You do not have to reply to spam and solicitations in your inbox. Reporting the message as spam will count as your response to those messages.

Reporting a spam message is simple: just click the word “Report” next to a new message, like in the below image.

This is in response to a post a few days prior which I can’t seem to find :wink:


I just updated my gig today, and it was quickly back in searches…


Yes, I know it can take a while (only from the forum though, when I edited my gigs up to this time, like Woofy said, they always were up again quickly), I was watching it only because my other gig, which I did not edit at all, disappeared from search at the same time when I edited my main gig, so I wanted to see what happens, main gig is still gone, other gig eventually was to be found again, then again not, on and off, no idea.

Just keeping an eye out for my main gig to see how long it takes it to re-appear and whether it reappears at all, considering the recent search algorithm testing and all that, I usually don´t search it, so I´d not even know if it was gone from search for a whole while until I might start wondering about no new buyers at all.

From forum also btw, some people say their gigs rank lower after updates, but there are also people who say it ranked higher, YMMV, I guess, maybe if you hit some lucky tag or whatever, it helps.


My gig ranking has increased. Like the announcement said, they’re taking a lot into account. I think it’s related to:

  • Number of reviews, age of account
  • Previous sales volume/impressions
  • Response time, delivery time
  • Keywords

@thecreativeguys Thank you, I’m glad to hear that! I thought it was silly to have to respond to spam messages. I’ll report them from now on :slight_smile: