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☀ No TRS for me (yet)


I was so excited because I was nominated for TRS at the first evaluation, but I didn’t get it, and I’m guessing this is why (this is in the email they sent to me):

25 PM

A little while back, I shared on the forum that I had unpaused some old gigs (planning on potentially adding on a new service) but then a glitch prevented me from re-pausing them. I managed to get one paused again later, but I still have one that won’t go away.

So, since it’s stuck in active mode, I edited it. For now it offers my writing service like my main gig does but I moved it to a different category altogether (it’s hidden under Digital Marketing > Content Marketing > Content Creation). I had no idea it would stop me from getting the TRS badge, but live and learn. :blush:

I’m in the process of changing it to a “new” service, but I’m trying to figure out what that will be.

Maybe next time around. :crossed_fingers:


That is not the reason to not get Top Rated Seller.

It is something the editors choose you for. I don’t know why they allowed sellers to get their hopes up that they were “nominated” for TRS when most wouldn’t get it.

They look at if you stand out in some way, if you have a high sales volume, the reviews, negative reviews, and see if you seem to have something extra that they feel stands out.


I realize those factors are also criteria for ultimately getting the badge, but considering this was specifically listed in their email describing what will prevent a seller from being chosen, I figured it’s something I needed to correct nonetheless. :slight_smile:


Well… I guess that’s possible then. Maybe next time you will get it.