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Sup, what's up! I am Saocreates! New to Fiverr

I am a recent graduate student from UNLV, receiving both a Graphic Design and Fine art degree! I am here today to offer logos that are fun and compelling to look at to spread the joy of expressing yourself in a community or crafting your own. I am currently a free lancer as of now so expect this gig to be fast with quality work! My target audience is anyone looking for a logo to brand themselves, like twitch or youtube, etc. I usually make logos and panels for my friends and I wanted to expand that to more people and make more friends ^ -^

If you are looking to just chat too I am available! I am very alone during COVID and like to share my company and enjoy others as well ^ -^


Woah! Thats really great. I wish you all the luck.

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Welcome to the fold.
Stay safe.

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Thank you, it means a lot this is all so new! It gots me shaking!
Stay safe, stay healthy!

^ -^ Hey thank you so much it means a lot!
It’s awesome to have such a warm welcome!