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Super 7 Tips For Fiverr Success 2020

Super 7 Tips For Fiverr Success 2020:

  1. Create Gig Properly. Use your service related 5-9 keyword into your gig title, search tags, pricing section, description and when you do image optimization.
    EXAMPLE: Best Gig <<==Click to see the best gig example.

  2. Design 3 eye catching your service related gig image and do image seo / optimization (if you don’t know how to do image optimization, go to youtube and watch tutorial)

  3. Do social media marketing weekly 2-3 times (build your linkedin profile and share your gig at linkedin platform)

  4. Create your 7 gigs and start sending buyer request.

  5. Always try active online at fiverr, so you shutdown your laptop / desktop use fiverr apps on your smart phone.

  6. Create your service related gig on low competition keyword / category.

  7. Follow fiverr forum tips for seller category (always focus on your learning never focus on earning)

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