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Super Dumb Question/Sorry


I have looked all over for an answer but could not find one, so posting this.

I ordered a homepage design for my website, but now I cannot figure out how to put that design on my website page. How do you do this? I received a file and I have that, but don’t know how to use it. I tried uploading it to the media library on my site, but that does not work either.

I am brand new to this, so please excuse my ignorance :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:



Hi, thanks for the reply and offer.


Why won’t you place an order on fiverr for uploading the site?

If you are interested, I can do this if you buy my gig.


You just ordered a design… you need someone to code for it.

Gigs like… PSD TO HTML will help you.


Thanks touchtype, jeez. Well, live and learn.

Thank you. I will keep that in mind, the PSD to HTML. Thanks again for your reply. :slight_smile:


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