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Super frustrated

So I’m extremely upset and frustrated because of the problem which exists for quite a long time on fiverr.
I’m a professional web designer and my client contacted me for a pretty big project worth $1200+, everything was already decided and she was about to pay. She tried 3-4 times with her card, got rejected and when she called her bank they told the problem is fiverr as it kept refunding her. She tried Paypal as well - the same thing! We contacted paypal customer support, it’s not their fault and did also contact fiverr customer support, and it’s already 3 days I don’t have any updates for the situation. Again I’m a pro and I also work on other platforms. I rejected 2 offers from other clients as I promised this client on fiverr and this is what I’m getting. The other clients are already gone, and I have no info for the past almost 4 days already from the buyer on fiverr.
WHAT IS THIS FIVERR? Who’s responsible for this? And this is not the 1st time, I know HELL MANY sellers experienced this! Totally frustrating!


I’ve had it happen a couple of times. The next day the last one got it straightened out. There is always the possibility that something about the buyer’s credit is the problem too.

There is also the possibility that the buyer had a previous problem at fiverr where she cancelled an order and the fiverr trust department wouldn’t approve her for such a large order. Of course there is not going to be any answers about what the problem might be but there are possibilities that fiverr has a good reason for this, or their payment processor is refusing to accept it for the same reason.

Her Bank as well as Paypal admins told her there’s no problem with card/paypal account. And she’s a totally new buyer, registered in this month.
We also tired to do sort of milestones, I sent an order of $500 as well, and again, the same thing

So maybe there has been a previous problem with something about her on fiverr. You will never find out what the problem is.

She’s a new buyer, never had an account before, and registered on fiverr in order to get her website done. Never used any other freelancer platform as well I’m super sure

You are going by what she said. I’m trying to tell you that you have no real idea what the problem is, it could be anything.
I’ve run into a few would be buyers who had some problems with their credit and this happened. Most wouldn’t tell you.

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Dang! Sorry to hear this @levon_manukyan, it must be indeed upsetting and very confusing for you. But as long your client is satisfied with your work, she would understand the situation and just wait out until this matter is solved. She will contact you if she’s genuine. Take a deep breath and relax. Everything will be all right. Good luck!

Warmly, Humberto