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Super Seller vs New Seller

One of my buyer shared this experience. If Top rated sellers are contacted for quote, they normally start their quote in 3 digits ($$$) or even bigger whereas new seller is happy to execute same job with great efforts in just $5. I would highly recommend to give chance to new sellers for wonderful jobs.

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Yes he said truth.
I am new seller and i always give minimum quote to my buyer so that he will hire me

yes, Really truth. Top sellers and new sellers do one thing to difference price

Yes its truth.
I am new seller and i give lowest quote to my buyer so that he will hire me

Super Seller - Proven, experienced, trusted
New Seller - New, un-established, green

There is a difference. It’s not about price, it’s about the quality of product. Not saying new sellers can’t provide the same result, but top sellers have proven track records. All top sellers were new sellers at one point.

I agree with you…

Not true. I start my gigs as a top seller in single digits. $5 dollars. and offer a lot, I mean a lot for it.

I didn’t start on Fiverr to become Top Seller, I did it because I wanted to get what I wanted to offer… I was a buyer looking for spokesperson videos for my businesses and as an actor get more of my face out there. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to offer higher priced items either, just simple easy for people just like what I wanted.

With Top sellers you’re guaranteed (or at least are more likely to get) good quality work, which is why they are able to charge more for their services. It’s like paying more for a branded product, because you know that you can trust its quality, even if it is slightly more expensive than an unbranded equivalent.
That being said, this doesn’t mean that new sellers are always inferior, as a matter of fact most of the time they will try harder than their already established peers, since they have yet to entrench themselves in the market.

100% right and new seller try to create good profile so they are provide the lowest cost and Super Seller have lot’s of order and work so they are provide higher cost :slight_smile:

We was done many order in around $70 to $100 only for app icon and currently work nearby this amount of cost, so way we select the $5? because we have already work in queue with higher amount.

if client ready pay to higher amount of cost then client have difficult requirements and demand more creative work :slight_smile:

Good :slight_smile:


Small babies step for walk is small because babys trying to walk, after the 7 or 12 years he/she step is big because they are expert in walk.

so after 1 or 2 years the new seller provide the quote in 3 digits ($$$) :slight_smile:

Hope you understand our thought :slight_smile:

Not true, I quote my regular prices and even big orders only cost two figures ($25, $50, etc).

Besides, you get what you pay for. You want a big job done for $5? Good luck! With that said, those buyers that charge extra for commercial usage/licensing are absolutely ridiculous. I paid for your work, what I do with it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You no longer own it.

I also hate quoting, I want buyers to ORDER and stop asking me if I’m available, if I want to write about this, if I do things that my gig doesn’t include.

Fiverr is becoming Chatterr.

New seller are undervalue their work to stand up in the competition but trs are already achieve that and they use their goodwill to gain more

Experience matter alot!

well said.

As a new seller, just let me say, yes, please hire me. On the other hand, it’s understandable to want someone with more experience and a good reputation if you’re having professional work done. Of course I’m giving my lowest price; how else am I expected to gain any reputation at all if no one’s hiring?

There’s no need to be outraged by a general observation. If it’s upsetting you this much, why don’t you just avoid the chat forum?

Do your best work, and enjoy the results of your hard work :slight_smile:

I started making only $5 sales each time. We all started at the same place.

Put in your time as a beginner. Work your way up.

It’s called “having a conversation,” Aziboy. Disagreement does not equal outrage, and yes, it’s allowed on the forum.

Besides, I like arguing with people, so why would I avoid the forum?