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Super Simple UPSELLING Tips for Writers

Dear Writer Extraordinaires,

I’m big on tried-and-true stuff. No speculation. No nonsense. Only results-driven advice. I’m sure you’re the exact same way. With that in mind, I put together this list of upselling tips and tricks (specifically for the writers of fiverr). Some of these can still be helpful for other categories, though!

DISCLAIMER: Definitely DON’T use all of these in one single order. This will overwhelm your buyer (or scare them away forever) and make them have second thoughts about doing business with you in the first place.

  1. The Post-Delivery Upsell. Us writers tend to determine our pricing based off of word count. Upon delivery, let the buyer know what you provided, but also mention that you could have written more (as long as they provided you with enough information to do that) so you’re including an extension offer in the event that they’re interested in one. This is a far-from-pushy sales tactic because you’re giving them the option to simply mark the order “complete” as is or add more creative writing awesomeness to their project.

  2. The Pre-Delivery Upsell. Similarly, you can message your buyer once they place the order if you see that they provided a lot of information but they ordered a low word count. All you need to do is thank them for the order and all the information they provided and let them know that you could easily write a longer piece based off of what they sent. Wait for their response before sending them an offer. They only just paid you to do something, so you don’t want to appear greedy by automatically tacking on an extra charge.

  3. Two Versions of the Same Thing. If you write about pages or biographies, you can offer to write the content in both first AND third person. It’s always good to have both because intros and book covers usually require third person, but about me pages for websites are normally written in first person.

  4. Act of Kindness. This isn’t exactly an “upsell” within the current order, but you can simply go over the word count a bit without charging them. Feel this one out before you put in the extra work. Don’t do this if you sense that your buyer would take advantage of that kindness. When I’ve done this and let the buyer know, I’d often get a tip and/or that individual becomes a repeat buyer. But there are times when nothing happens. Remember, fiverring is all about taking risks.

  5. Gig Extras. Most sellers are using packages nowadays. Therefore, the gig extras don’t show up on the initial gig page. That makes it easy to neglect this still-amazing feature. Upselling is so much more efficient when you don’t have to do anything other than have enticing gig extras for your buyer to choose from. One of your gig extras can be an extension and another can be an alternative version of the content. There’s a lot you can do here depending on what kind of writing gig you’re offering.

BONUS TIP! I am well aware that this is an upselling post, but here’s a little tactic I use to make more $$$ overall: Sales!! Ever since I’ve implemented “super sales,” I’ve noticed my conversion rate has sky-rocketed to a whopping 6+% (from 2-3%)! The price drop doesn’t even need to be that substantial. Most buyers still feel like there’s value in ordering something that’s 5 dollars off. Also, it’s important to evoke a sense of urgency. Mention that the sale won’t be a permanent sort of thing in your gig description, so those buyers who are thinking of ordering next week, might re-think that and order right away. No one wants to miss out on savings, right? :wink:

ANOTHER BONUS TIP! Coupons aren’t just handy for physical stores or super markets, they actually work here on fiverr. Along with your gig delivery, attach a “coupon” (an image you create - see the image I’ve attached in the comments section) that can be used on any future purchases. On the image, make sure you mention that they must message you with the coupon attached first, so you can send them an offer with the discount.

Okay. That’s about it… for now. :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to share some tried-and-true tips of your own below!

May your average selling price and conversion rate consistently increase! And may 2017 bring your lots of epicness and success!

A fellow fiverr seller

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Nice to see some fresh tips posted for a change!
Great advice, I have often used the coupon idea although sending an actual coupon is a nice touch, I usually just mention it with the delivery.


Great tips @authoreva, I’d be looking to implement some of them. I’ve had to compromise as a new seller, so I make use of the “acts of kindness”. But with my reviews increasing and my recently acquired level one badge, I’ve had room to adopt some of the others.

Still, I’ll be making great use of the added tips. Thanks!!:smiley:

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Thank you! :slight_smile: Mentioning it with the delivery works too. I just like adding a creative twist to things. :smiley:


Great tips, and well-written! Thanks for sharing!


Some great tips for writers. But i’m interested in coupon thing. I know how it really works but how can we implement it on Fiverr. Can You provide a little detail please?

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I simply create an image that looks like a coupon and attach it to the other file(s) I deliver. I usually do a $5 off of $20 sort of deal. In fine print (on the image), I mention that they must message me first to receive the discount. So it’s not like a conventional coupon that gets scanned or a redemption code they can use when they independently place a future order.

I find that this catches their eye more than you simply saying if they ever come back you’ll give them a discount.

I’m now doing a super sale with my main gig, so I’m not doing the coupon thing. However, it has definitely worked for me in the past. :smiley:

I’ll attach a coupon graphic I made so you can see what I did.


Yeah. It’s the best thing I’ve read today. Thank-you. It might not work for a new seller but will work greatly for a settled person. That’s what i think.

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I’m glad this post was helpful for you! I actually tried this coupon tactic early on (6 months in) and had some favorable results. The only way this could go wrong is if someone forgets that they must message you first and they place the order. Then they might expect to receive the discount after the fact, but the pricing can’t be tweaked at that point.

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Yeah i’ve seen that. Congratulations on a wonderful career so far.
I have seen some buyers placing an order on my gig and they’ve no clue what my gig is about. They don’t pay much attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you and best of luck to you! :blush:

Some people just don’t want to read anything. That is a huge time-waster for sellers when they have to re-explain things. Sometimes, I just copy and paste parts of my gig description for them. Does that make me lazy too? :sweat_smile:

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Well with number of new potential buyers coming, managing orders, modifying orders I would say copy pasting is the best solution. :joy:

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Thanks for reading! :smiley:


Thank you! This is fabulous. The sale idea is a great one.

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You’re very welcome! I hope these tips help you become more successful here on fiverr. :smiley: Happy New Year!!


Nice tips.
Thank you very much.

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Thank you! That tip has definitely yielded the most results out of all of them. :smiley:

Happy New Year!

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Great tips.
Thank you very much.

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This is an excellent idea. For me, it’s not about saving money but more about feeling appreciated - especially, if you send it to a repeat client.

If I were to get something like that from a seller, I would give it right back to them as gratuity. :slight_smile:

My pleasure! :smiley: Happy New Year!

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