Superstition: Black Cat


Today a Black Cat crossed my way. My gig’s positions instantly reacted on this … :frowning:


Oh my goodness, Lord almighty :joy: You’re never positive or looking at the bright sides, are you?

This is a new one, though, blaming black cats for gig positioning :smiley:






I grew up surrounded by black cats, so they were crossing my path all the time.

I should have died about ten thousand times by now, possibly being hit by a speeding car inside my home. :smile_cat:


the Same thing Happend With me yesterday Night ! cat croosed my way … But it have some opposite reaction :slight_smile:


I love black cats - they’re often overlooked in shelters etc. which is a great shame.



Am I the only one who is thinking what would have been happened to that cat’s FATE whose path was crossed by YOU? :thinking:

I only shudder to think that.


I am VERY superstitious.
One of my crazier but true superstitions is when cats meow outside of my house - always indicates a pending death surrounding you.


That’s cheery! :slight_smile:

And it was all going so well…


That’s curious - in my country a pending death surrounding you is announced only by owls, not cats :smiley: Makes me wonder whether there’s any truth to these superstitions, being so different.


Bloomin eck - owls and cats to avoid now…


I don’t encounter many owls in my area, I live in Vegas lol.
Owls would probably would die of a heatstroke if they lived here


Out here in the wilderness where I live, I see cats eating owls, owls eating mice, mice eating grasshoppers - that’s a lot of meat inside a cat’s belly! :smiley:


no way black cat don’t effect your order so keep trying in a new way


I love all cats and have had black ones who brought me good luck. Cats in general are bringers of luck especially Calico ones.


do you live in Bran castle by any chance?