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Superstition: Don't kill Spiders


During last 5 years I killed 2 spiders by mistake and lost a lot of money. There is opinion that spiders bring money. I’m very careful now.

After killing the last one my gig was f**ked by the algorithm 2 months ago.

Look after spiders

PS. I don’t mean some dangerous spiders - here are only peacefull ones. Friendly guys…


lucky me, I am afraid of them :smiley:



Are these superstition threads a joke?

And will there be chemtrails, HAARP, reptile overlords…?


####HUMOR :arrow_double_up:


He is beautiful. I killed 2 small spiders by mistake.


I always Kill Spider or any Insects . I dont Afraid of them . I dont like them / They are so nasty


That’s a shame - they speak very highly of you! :slight_smile:


oh My God. You can understand what they are saying . Superb . Wish I understand Also :tulip:


I think in your country they are different - dangerous.
Here they are absolutely peacful


Yes, They are so dangerous. We Just hate them


I have a degree in Biology, I made my thesis with bats (5 months working with bats) and they’re my work since then.
I’ve heard people asking “where do bats lie their eggs?” or telling they’ve destroyed their sleeping place because they were “too noisy”, because they’re “ugly” and stuff…
Shame that people still behave like that with any kind of animals, like in the medieval times.
People who believe any kind of animal brings luck, bad luck, are ugly, are useless, has special powers and such, in my own personal and honest opinion are ignorants.
Giving favour/not favour to animals is silly, they all are important.
I have to say this, I cannot read some things and keep my fingers off the keyboard. :unamused:


I’ve always suffered from arachnophobia & insectophobia, and ever since we started having black widow attacks in our country, I’ve gone on a killing spree - I literally committed insect-genocide.

Just the sight of a small spider on the ceiling gives me the chills.

P.S. I may have killed spiderman, too…


###1. NO. Spiders in Bangladesh are not dangerous.
###2. Speak for yourself. I for one DO NOT hate spiders.

I don’t kill them either. And since spiders are not the venomous kind otherwise found elsewhere on the planet, I just SHRIEK, if they are big, yell for MOMMY, and she comes and grabs them and gently tosses out the window.

THANK YOU MOMMY! :heart_eyes:

When I was in Texas, now THERE’S some nasty spiders there tho… :spider: (daddy long legs) :spider:


A black widow bit my father once. It wasn’t nice, to say the least.


You have no idea how much dangerous are they . They dont have any poison, But Do you know, They can climb your body , nose, ear. Its really disgusting . I am not Afraid Of them , But Its really nasty . Sometimes They just jump on my body from wall. So , Its really bad for me.

may Be , You like it, But I dont like it.


Most spiders here (Texas for people other than DJ) are harmless even if they look terrifying. There are just two really dangerous ones, and unfortunately those two can really do some damage. One is the black widow, but we really don’t encounter them often since they are not that common and they are pretty easy to spot as well as identify. I’ve only seen one in my whole life.

The other spider is the one that causes most problems, which is the brown recluse. They aren’t that noticeable or large and they tend to stay underneath things so you don’t see them until it’s too late. If they do bite it is very painful and isn’t usually fatal, but will at least require an emergency room visit and a lot of care. If you don’t treat the bite right away, you can lose the affected limb. As the name implies, though, they are “reclusive” and they mostly live outdoors in piles of firewood or lumber. If you wear heavy gloves or don’t handle things like that, it’s not so likely that you’d ever be bitten.

The rest of the Texas spiders are not a big deal even though I try to avoid touching them. I’m more scared of crickets, which is rather silly, but true.


That’s not dangerous. It may be unpleasant or disgusting, but it’s only dangerous for them, not you.


OMG, I didn’t know they’re dangerous… it’s like a colony out here :frowning:

And I’m scared of crickets, too… and any other insect :smiley:


I’ve killed a bunch of those little rascals. Ain’t got time for no spiders