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Support account suspend

Unfortunately my fiverr support account has suspend. Actually one of my friend contacted fiverr support for his account. After that I couldn’t sign in on my support.
Can anyone help ?

It does not look like this account was suspended.

But I can’t login my support account. When I was going to login my support account then it was redirect on sign in page

If you are using Fiverfox then press ctrl shift P and then sign in.

Please check my attachment. Here shown suspended

If you were suspended, then Fiverr Customer Support had a valid reason to suspend you. What are you expecting us to do about it here on the forums?

Yes, How can I recover this ? Would you please give me some suggestions

If you have been suspended on Fiverr, only Customer Support can un-suspend you. If you seek resolution on this matter, please contact them. We cannot help you on suspension issues. That’s between you and CS.

Did you send many repeated requests to customer support? If you give my question an honest answer it will help. If you answer with a lie I can’t help you.

But how can i contact. I couldn’t login there but can access my account

About how many repeated requests to them did you send in what time period?

My friend asked support team by my support account

“Your friend” contacted Fiverr, using YOUR account. I find that highly suspicious. “Your friend” was probably you. Of course, since Fiverr suspended rights on your account as a result, it’s pretty clear that you broke the rules. Fiverr users may not have more than one account.

If you were suspended for this, Fiverr was well within their rights to do so. Complaining on the forums that you were suspended – because you broke the rules – isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Live and learn. And don’t do it again.

One Fiverr account is all that you need.