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Support Agents? not really supportive

So here is what happened, i got an order from my buyer 5 days ago, but because of technical error and mistake she ordered twice.So she knew how to handle it and she told me that she will contact support staff and she will tell them that it was a mistake.So support staff cancelled one order without affecting my stats and i was thankful for that. Now problem is i was doing very good as a new seller and because of providing good work and getting nice feedback, i was on top 10 page in search in my category. Now after this cancellation it suddenly thrown to 21st page.And this is gonna affect my sales for sure.i did contact customer support staff but instead of even reading my mail, they just replied typical copy paste message everytime.I kept telling that it was not my fault in cancellation but they are just not listening at all.


Fiverr CS are better than most other similar platforms in my experience.

Unfortunate for you that the cancellation affected your place in rankings. It may be that your gig will recover over the next couple of days after it settles in again.

If not … well, you can try adjusting your keywords, adding a video (I always find that helps!), or just carry on the way you are now. Add some backlinks, promote yourself appropriately - do something to recover your place.

I know it’s horrid when something like this happens, but at least it didn’t affect your stats …


i had worked hard to be in that place for last 2 months, its just i paid price for someone else’s mistake and Fiverr as always do care about buyers and 20% cut of course.It was clearly not my fault, i told them that this thing happened after that incident and i have got not any negative feedback, i am answering my clients within 5 minutes and doing all whatever it takes to be a good seller and that’s why i was there on 7th page.But those support guys are behaving and saying to me like it was my fault and like i did something wrong.

You didn’t do anything wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t have cancelled without affecting your stats.

CS really can’t do anything else for you - the position thing is totally down to the algorithm and that’s out of their control.

Wait a couple of days, see if it sorts itself out …

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Yeah, i hope so. Thanks.

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Exactly that. I’ve had support literally say they “cancelled with the least possible effect”, which meant basically that, my rating didn’t drop but they can’t do anything about the position.

The good news is that those kinds of cancellations probably happen to most if not all sellers from time to time, so if your gig is on a worse page now, it’s your competitor X’s gig that will be on page 21 next month, and your competitor Y’s gig will be in two months, and Z’s gig was last month, and projected onto a year, such things should more or less balance themselves out.

I’ve had that kind of technical error cancellations too a couple of times, even someone who ordered thrice instead of only once, so two orders needed to be cancelled at once, it’s annoying that those things have an effect but you’ll surely recover from it, and, see above. :slight_smile: