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Support already 2 days behind with the answer. Will the buyer cancel? Risk game


I have a buyer here who unintentionally ordered. Of course I only read 2 lines and in the gig title I didn’t notice that I only write in German. Well.

So I make a cancel request to support.

Unfortunately, there has been no answer for 2 days. And the order is already 16 hours late.

Should I whistle on the rating? (Although I would soon be level 2 again - haha)

Or should I take a risk?

The buyer could cancel the order at any time and even give me 1 star? Correct?

And as I know the support - it would leave it there. They don’t care.

And if someone now recommends me social media marketing or some stupid answer…


if you are really at the risk of getting a bad review for non delivery on time, I would just suggest that you cancel the order with mutual agreement.

The order is gonna get cancel anyway ,why have a bad review as well.

Since it is been a long time you did not hear from support and we have not idea when support will get back to you!

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I had to wait for 5 days for support to cancel my order (which was 24 hours gig) :confused:
Super stressed time as client could cancel with 1 star review at any moment and she was not nice about it even though she made a mistake ordering :confused:

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Too bad about my rating.

All right. Open a dispute. Rating’s going down again.

This system is driving me crazy. Good thing I’m working on a landing page. Soon I won’t be dependent on the site anymore.

Thank you both very much. I guess I just needed a push. I don’t want to wait that long. I’ve got an audition on Tuesday, got to clear my head.

I know that it’s off topic but are you building it yourself or you hired someone?

Actually, it’s already finished. But I don’t know if I can send it to you so easily without locking the thread.

I have already landed the first orders with it.

I work on it with people from Fiverr. I have a bit of know-how too. But let the finer points be done by professionals.

Is it ok if I’ll drop you a private message if you are ok to share some contacts with me? I was browsing through fiverr designers for a couple of days and would really appreciate a recommendation

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No problem - should be okay