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Support cancel order after months of delivery

I have a recent experience on Fiverr order cancellation.

I have worked with the buyer on Api integration and got payment after delivery. After 3 months they said I deliver them partial work and they need 50% refund. Those are the new features so I explain to them and suggest days and budget for a custom offer but the CS has canceled the 3-month-old order very next day and the funds have been returned to the buyer?

I opened a ticket but I did not get any response for 24 days.

Is this possible for every order to cancel after some time when it has been delivered a long time ago?


What does this even mean?


Same support have cancelled 3 orders worth $700 after 3 months of order completed!! That’s my experience!!
Support can do anything:
They can cancel order any time - “negative balance” If you’ve been withdrawn that.
They can suspend your account.
Block your account - delete and many more…!! You’re not the only one!!!

Just work “As they like”

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Yes, I have got the funds today and they also credited my account for the price that I got from the order. Based on the TOS if the buyer is not happy from your work then they can get it back one way or the other. Support always gave favor to buyer whatever the circumstances are so the buyer should be avoided by the mutual cancellation in my point of view if it is not a good fit

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