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Support canceled order that was delivered. Buyer wanted something out of the original requirements

Hello. Just now, Fiverr Support canceled an order that I have delivered, and got 5 stars from.

See the request here, he wrote the same to requirements on order. After this we talked about the price, agreed, and I sent him my first work. Did a few revisions and he liked the final product. Gave me 5 stars.


Now, see the requirements and see the example and final product.

They are around the same, right? I mean, buyer liked it.

Then comes the buyer, asking for transparent version. I deleted the background and gave him this

That should be it from me. I delivered the order according to original requirements.

He wants a FULL TRANSPARENT version. No blacks. Now, I have made this without ever thinking of transparency. Why would I? I can’t just delete every little black on this picture because of the way I made it. He said he can’t use it, and said he wanted transparent. I told him he never said that and I delivered the order.

Then customer support comes in, telling me he is unhappy. We talked, I told the same thing I wrote here, I did my job exactly as he described. They wanted to find middle ground and asked me what would I charge for a revision. I told $10, he said okay do it and tell us.

I made a transparent version, and the buyer keep making excuses like “the letters are not the same”, of course it is not, it has no shadows and blacks! And more along those lines.

This is the latest one I sent the buyer.

You know what he says? “the lines are different”, how it is different? Here is the version where I didn’t delete inside the letters and he liked this. Now he tells me they are different! (Yes, his arms are cutoff, but it is because of the placement he made)

Now, I said to him, you are being difficult. I won’t work on this anymore. And I told support, I don’t want $10 for this revision I made, I won’t work anymore. What does the support do? Cancel THE ORIGINAL ORDER!

Fiverr support is not just and they don’t value their sellers. This is not about the money. The order was $15 anyway. I have canceled orders that are 10 times bigger because I couldn’t deliver the quality they asked, even after working for hours on them. I demand the money I earned and justice.


What cancellation reason is listed at the bottom of the order page?

From looking at the original request and your final product, you did exactly what was asked, and are totally right to be pissed. Fiverr is very unfair sometimes, specially CS. Sorry this has happened to you.




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Straight up scammer, probably a chargeback? Get in touch with support, ask them why, ask for a refund. Probably won’t do any good though. They aren’t fair.

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I don’t think he made a chargeback or anything. He asked support and Fiverr Support canceled this.

got an order in and right now, the buyer wants me to do something that is not possible, If I cancel my order I’ll lose my completion rate, and I’ve worked to fix soo many bugs in his code, but now he just wants to cancel, I worked 7 days for the project, for the first 4 days he wouldn’t even reply, then he replies, now I’m not a magician how can I do something that is not even possible, totally agree with you Fiverr leaves sellers hopeless, they support buyers, even when they’re wrong, totally fed up with this, : :disappointed:


you did exactly what buyer asked for, but at some point its common practice for designer to keep thing on transparent background…you cant just add the color to any Tshirt design…as we all know that any buyer wont use that on only single color background…they obviously going to use that on various colors of tshirts…

so at some point your buyer was right fro asking you transparent background design…and yes the older version and newer has lot difference in quality of text…

you should have redone that and could have maintain quality that he was asking!

yep fiverr does not help even a bit, I’m thinking about switching platforms to upwork. I think i’ll meet better clients, and have a better experience there, as Fiverr has left me no other choice than to leave.

Upwork has you bidding on projects. It’s not a replacement. I don’t want to bid on stuff. I want to have a storefront and be contacted by clients. Fiverr is the only platform that works like that efficiently.


its not about that, it was not included in the order scope of the order, the buyer was just angry because he had to spend $10 more, thats just it

for designer working on transparent background is common practice…how about source file then ?

yeah, lately a fraud scammer was reporting my gigs with multiple accounts, my wordpress and mastering gig went down, put it up on the forum, and they removed it saying it was false and misleading, because nothing like that could happen on fiverr. that was my first bad experience

It doesn’t matter, he never said transparent background. Look at the example he sent. You know, I could have sent ALL BLACK, without any white. He wants all white.

You guys shouldn’t hung up on “it’s just transparent background, you should have made it”. This is not about what I can do, what I should have done. I have done it like the example and according to his requirements.

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That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and doesn’t seem to understand what “scope” means. Source file is not mandatory. Transparency is not mandatory. It all depends on what the original order said. From the provided sample, you’ve done exactly what I would expect.

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you cant just follow example exactly…and you should not…
what if my buyer ask me to create Animated sprite sheet and send me low quality pixels in back ?
its my call to make new sprite neat and on transparent background because I know that where and how they are going to use.

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No. If they send you a low quality sprite, you tell them to send you a high quality sprite, or you charge extra to do it yourself. Or you refuse to work with them.

I edit video. If my clients send me bad video, I’ll either let them know what I can do with it, or tell them I don’t want to work with them. What I won’t do is extra work for free.

I do know @visualstudios …I am designer my self…I know source file is not mandatory but buyer can pay extra at some point to get one, then would you add same source file pasting in Illutrator or Photoshop ?
it does not work this way.

Don’t call me sir. That’s not professional. With me, “buyer cannot pay extra at some point to get one”. I don’t offer source files as an extra. And that’s it. If somebody really wants them, it has to be discussed before the order starts. And it will double or triple the price.

no thats not extra work…I deal with customers who shows me just one one screen of game and ask me to create something similar…Doesnt mean I create everything on single screen…that mean I need to create something using what he can creating like reference screen he shared…
so Its my call to send him everything separate like title, buttons, backgroudn and not just one JPG image or png image where everything is mereged.