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Support changed my gig to the wrong category some months ago and now won't change it back

Hello guys! So pretty much my rant is about my best-selling gig. After 8 successful months with it CS decided to change it’s category (like 4-5 months ago). The thing is that when someone searches for my service and clicks on the “Category” filter the damn category that CS picked for my gig (Which ofc is the wrong one) doesn’t even appear. There were other issues as well, for example I was unable to charge for commercial rights on the current category even tho I wanted to BECAUSE someone from CS decided to move my gig to the wrong place. I contacted them 2 weeks ago and they “ASSURED ME” that my gig was in the right category. How should I approach this nonsense?

If you are unable to change gig categories, then the one Fiverr moved your gig to, is the category that gig will likely remain in. There is nothing we can do, or advise, to change Fiverr’s actions. Fiverr seems to think that is the category your gig belongs in. In this case, Fiverr’s decision appears to be final.

Hello Jon! Sometimes I feel like you’re trolling and of course, I absolutely disagree with you again. When creating a gig I have the option to choose its category. I’ve been doing what I currently do for 12+ years and I am positive that I know best which is the right category for my gig. It is a service that I provide, therefore I know what applies best to it. Me being unable to charge for “Commercial rights” just because someone from CS decided to move my gig even tho it was in the category that was most appropriate is just ludicrous. We should absolutely be notified before anyone changes the category of our gigs as this affects them directly and it can literally destroy your gig. If let’s say a portrait service is in the “Songwriting” category CS should definitely intervene and do what’s necessary, however if an SEO gig is in the SEO category CS should absolutely stay away from it and if they mess up they should revert it to its original state.


Your issue is with Fiverr. If they are unwilling to change your gig to the category you think it belongs in, then the current category is where it will remain. When you create a new gig, yes, you can choose the category. But if Fiverr moves an existing gig out of the category you chose, and into another category where they think it belongs, then that is Fiverr’s right. This is their site, and they administrate it how they choose. If they gave you an answer when you asked, then that is your final answer.

My issue is with Customer Support, not with Fiverr. I’ve had multiple cases handled differently with different agents. In the early days I literally had a ToS strike and a “Gig denied” for copyright infringement when literally the portrait that I had on my gig was a self-portrait. Did around 3 cases till it turned out that I got a copyright strike because… My gig title had the word “Slime” in it? What I’m trying to say is that Fiverr is semi-automated and a lot of the times mistakes are made. Here is the ranting pot and here is where we rant, report issues, hate on stuff we don’t agree with etc. The funny thing is that the mechanical responses that I get from you are the same mechanical responses that I get from CS when they are not helpful. If we report problems and we talk about issues on the platform it’s just because we want to make the marketplace better. Getting a response like yours is what kills the efforts tho because you’re always doing mental gymnastics and basic observations just to create an excuse for something that does not directly affect you. If your best-selling “Brand name” gig was moved to a different category, a one that was not right for it I’m sure that you would’ve posted a quick rant and you would’ve definitely not reacted in the same way that you did just now.

Why don’t you just create a commercial rights add-on for your gig?

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Because it starts the extra starts with “I will” and that’s a bit of a bummer. And me not being able to add commercial rights is just a part of the problem. Whenever I try to search for my service, the applicable category filters do not have the current category that my gig is in but they do have the old category. I hope that CS can fix it.

Nothing I write is “mechanical”. I am a flesh and blood forum user, just like you. I participate on the forum in an attempt to help others. Your disagreement with my wisdom and advice does not give you reason to insult me.

It was. And I learned to work within the change, just as you should learn to work within yours.

Rant if you must, but realize too, that this is just a place to work off steam about issues. You are not likely to enact change on something that is not broken, just because you rant and complain. We cannot do anything to fix – or to help you fix – your perceived injustices. You will have to work with Fiverr on resolving these things, and their answers are final. That’s how it works around here.


I never insulted you, Jon.

Of course it’s broken. I provide a service and it was moved without my consent to a category that poses numerous problems for it.

  1. The current category is not the right category for it.
  2. The current category literally does not apply as a filter in the search results. Whenever I search the main keywords for my gig in the search bar the Category filter literally does not show the category it was moved in.
  3. The current category does not let me charge for commercial rights.

I am working with CS in resolving this and I’m just waiting for the right agent. And nothing is final, that’s what I told you but apparently you address only the things that you want to address. Go see my activity log, you’ll see me complaining about getting a ToS strike when I owned the original image. It was all final again, 3 cases with 0 results and mechanical responses telling me that I was in the wrong although I provided source files and everything to prove that I was right. Then in the end an adequate agent appeared and they just told me that the system automatically marked my gig as spam and I received a strike from a bot just because my gig had the word “Slime” in it which had nothing to do with the ToS strike that I received and they quickly fixed everything which was awesome. Fiverr is a dynamic marketplace and we need to report issues like this if we want to make the marketplace better - if we’re doing better, Fiverr is doing better as well. My best-selling gig which was best-selling in it’s category for a whole year is disappearing by applying the right keywords and the right category filter and that means that it is not working as intended and it should be fixed. Now you can still say “It is working as intended” but that doesn’t mean that it is and I’m here trying to explain all the issues with that.


Fiverr does not require your consent to maintain their website. You agreed to abide by their site changes, their policy updates, and anything else related to THEIR site when you signed up for an account. You also have choice not to work here, if you don’t like those changes. Fiverr has every right to move your gig to another category, if they feel that is where your gig belongs.

Perhaps you need to re-read the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you joined Fiverr.

If Fiverr chooses to move your gig where you want it, great. It not, repeatedly complaining about it here on the forum won’t change anything.

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Jon, I do not have the energy to argue with you. I am done trying to explain the faults in your logic. We need to address issues like this and it’s as simple as that. I am providing a service that cannot reach it’s potential target because the platform does not have the category that my gig was moved in listed in the category filter. That’s a hurdle for both me and my potential customers. Here’s a very simple analogy for you - Imagine working in a food shop and seeing the olives in the dessert section. You can be like me and tell the management about it or you can decide to ignore it. If the management is good they will listen to and consider my suggestion as it will help them sell more olives. It’s pretty much that simple. The category to which my gig was moved to was a fairly new one, changes on the platform are happening literally every day and some things can sometimes go unnoticed by even the great team of Fiverr. Feedback is essential and there is always room for improvement but no matter what I say you love to do mental gymnastics backed up with stating the obvious. If that’s how it’s going to be I’m out.

You posted a topic about this before. Only Customer Support can help you with this.


There are “no faults in my logic”. I am speaking the truth. You said:

Whether you like it or not, that is your final answer (unless you can convince Fiverr otherwise). We, here on the forum, cannot help you with these concerns of yours, because we are neither Fiverr CS, nor do we have the power to do anything contrary to what Fiverr has decided. If you need resolution on this, it won’t be found here on the forums. It can only be resolved between you and CS.

Yes. And they’ve “assured” me on different occasions as well after I received a ToS warning - I had 2 in the past and both were removed on the spot. How? Via adequate Customer Support, because I turned out to be right. Both times I had to open 2-3 cases till it eventually got resolved. You assuming that Fiverr and CS can never be wrong is just weird. Anyway, I love selling on here but I’ll probably ignore the forum for a while. Let’s close this as it’s not going anywhere.

Good luck as you continue to work this out directly with Fiverr Customer Support.

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For sure. Thank you and good luck to you as well!