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Support Chat Feature

Would anyone else like to see a Chat feature to contact Fiverr support? If yes, how can we work to petition Fiverr in order to obtain this feature? A lot of user questions can be answered in minutes by a live agent.

I believe adding real-time chat would slow my work flow down. I answer emails at specific times during my work flow. Usually ever 20 minutes while videos are rendering and in between projects. The same way having to answer phone calls from clients would be less productive.

That’s a nice idea, but it would require hiring many, many more agents. I’m not sure that Fiverr has quite the budget for that, but maybe someday!

@landongrace The OP is about live Fiverr customer support

Fiverr Customer Support used to be really good, some of the new agents are awful.

Reply to @landongrace: I totally agree with you however the same way you have vacation mode or custom order on/off you should have the chat feature available, and on/off button… What do you say?

Reply to @alliemadison12: Thanks. Sorry for my misread!