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Support don't answer me they just take my brother money

hi all .
i sent 4 ticket to support, they just close the case no one answer me.
my brother bought the online course from 2 days ago. with 85.5x1 $
today we found his account disaple.!!
no reson or any thing.!
it’s just got disapled.
and no one want tell us why or what will going with the money.!!

Did u had sellers account ?

it’s my brother account yes

So he probably breach TOS and got disabled.

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what is the meaning of tos?

The Rules made by fiverr

they should say you do this or some thing like this !
they just tool the money and boom!
no one from support want to answer or say what’s the resone.
he just start up from about 1 week, and sell about 2 gigs for us what do you think he do?
this is unfair

did he ask for rating or something to customer? If yes he break the rules

lol his only customer was me and my husband :joy:
how someone get disabled without know the reason or any thing?

So yes, he got banned by breaking rules, you are not allowed to make fake orders from family or friends. This is the reason for being disabled. Thanks to you and your husband he got banned.

So no way to fix this issue, and YES you lost money for buying a course and also account.

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His sister and her husband bought gigs from him and left review. Thats the certain part, fake orders to gain feedbacks.

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You’re oblivious to the fact that is a breach of the ToS and that it’s unethical.

No wonder he was banned…

If you don’t want to get banned, follow the rules you agree to when you make an account. Simple.

Fiverr didn’t wrong you two. He tried to game the system by disobeying the rules and you’re angry he was penalized for it.

You aren’t entitled to game the system.


It happens when people just click yes I agree on everything and then boom, happens something and then surprised about outcome.

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Yep. The entitlement that you don’t have to know or follow the rules and should get a free pass to do whatever you want…

The even sadder part is that what they did was blatantly unethical but she’s totally oblivious to that. It should be obvious why Fiverr doesn’t tolerate this.

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it’s not a fake orders .
no rule in the world wide say i can’t buy from him .
i asked for an order and i make a payment just like any one

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what is blatantly unethical?
what the wrong to order from him online?
just like any one

Did u need any service from him, or just did to help him out?

“So no way to fix this issue, and YES you lost money for buying a course and also account.”

this is just like steal lol

Is he using the same WiFi with you?
Fiverr always send an email after blocking account stating a reason why the account was blocked.
What was written in the email?

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Definetly they did order from same ip adress