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Support don't answer me they just take my brother money

no i make a social media design for my facebook page and there’s the 3 image he sent for me … !!
i don’t do a fake or empty order

I want to hear that from her, not just guessing :wink:

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According to the Learn from Fiverr Terms of Service:

Users who are suspended from Fiverr due to violation of our Terms of Service cannot access Learn from Fiverr and cannot continue learning their Courses on the Site. In such cases, all refund requests will be denied.


You are not just anyone. That’s the point. You’re his wife. Think about it. Read the ToS.

The thing is, Fiverr have to make decisions based on the information that they are presented with. In your case, something triggered the system to show unusual purchasing activity.

Your brother started his account a week ago, and has had 2 orders in that space of time, both of which were from family members. They might have worked this out by payment methods, IP addresses, or a combination of things. But they obviously felt they had enough information to make a decision.

Let’s assume the best for a moment, and say that you did make your purchases in good faith. Why would you do that? If you truly needed something doing, would you not simply say to your brother, “Hey, could you do x,y,z for me?” If my sister needed a male voice over, I wouldn’t tell her to place an order here, I’d just do it for her - she’s family.

If you reply and say “Oh, well I needed something, but I also thought it would be good for him to get a couple of orders, to help his brand new account”, then that’s the issue. You’re purchasing for the wrong reasons - trying to create an artificial boost to a new account. I’m guessing you and your husband both left glowing, 5-star reviews too right? People try it all the time, and people get banned all the time.

It’s like when eBay started noticing people back in the day placing bids on their friend’s items.

YOU made a mistake here. You may not want to admit it, but you did, and the punishment for that mistake is your brother losing his account. And honestly, that’s how it should be. People who cheat the system, whether it was their sole intention or not, should not be allowed to use the system.


“If you truly needed something doing, would you not simply say to your brother, “Hey, could you do x,y,z for me?” If my sister needed a male voice over”


It’s unethical because it promotes bias and fraud and also, for the reasons you mentioned it would be pretty naive to try to convince us that this wasn’t an intentional bias to benefit the seller. Of course it was. And she sees nothing wrong with that.

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But were you and your brother using the same IP address/device (eg. computer)/WiFi?

Also technically Fiverr doesn’t have a rule (as far as I can see) saying family members/friends aren’t allowed to order from a seller though. Review manipulation or non-legitimate orders would be against the TOS though. They have the “bring you’re own business” option - that would be someone a seller knows outside Fiverr so there’d probably be a bit of bias in that.

Also instead of opening 4 support tickets it would be/have been better to post everything in just 1 ticket as they don’t really like multiple tickets about the same thing.

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There is a reason, you broke TOS.

Oh lord… TOS is only that binding contract you formed and agreed to. You clearly don’t know anything about this site.

Interestingly, that’s against TOS. Grrr this irritates me so bad.
From TOS

To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance Seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.

And remember that you agreed to this, you said I understand it will result in a permanent suspension, and now you are asking why, claiming it is unfair.