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Support for SMBs and Freelancers during the spread of COVID-19

This is great information.We stay bad time in our world. So be careful everybody
Thank you

Thanks for the update. I’m glad to be a part of the Fiverr community and thankfu for the opportunity it presents.


Great idea! Thank you so much Fiverr Team!!

Great and Helpful information

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Great work. Thank you Fiverr…

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this is good initiative .

It’s is a great idea :+1:

Grate Post of this tough Condition.

Yes you are right thats a great post

Excellent idea at this moment.

Best of luck.

Almighty Allah May Help us.

Thank you Fiverr, Informative news…!!!

I believe that online platforms are the future of successful business and for sure many of us who have a opportunity to work from home in these days feels more protected and safe, thanks to fiverr for making this real for us, but there is many others who can’t work online like bake a bread online so staying at home I start to think more about how to help people without earning money on that just for nothing do a good thing but what if all people will start think about how to help each other? what then the earth will give us? what are the consequences then? I saw people who buy a tones of food but after throw them away because they get soured. We need to be more careful about each other and use as much as we need because there is other people like us, let’s just help each other.

Hello Fiverr Authority, please support/hlep your sellers by reducing your % of fees. Please consider this point.

Be safe and take care your family…!
People are going to sack to the Job, home less people are suffering more.
Its really a hard time.!!

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Why would they lower their fees? You can charge more and earn more if you want. Fees are fine, considering the fact that we are barely promoting our gigs and get clients.

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Yes you are right.May Allah help all

Please take care your your family and be careful.

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Thank you so much Fiverr to support.