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Your support is a JOKE.
I have been going in circles trying to right a wrong im guessing because of a bug.
I can not send my problem to support because it says there is a problem with my email address. Ive checked it numerous times, … its my correct email.
How could i have logged on if it wasnt. Guess fiverr doesnt mind having a bug in their system. Am i pissed off? Oh just a little having to rewrite my problem over and over and over and over and over to get no where. How do i get ahold of support when it tells me my email address is incorrect when it clearly is my email ?

You can try if you wish. You should be able to submit a ticket as long as you can log in if you go to and click submit a ticket or just go here:

Customer Support is necessary for most issues so I don’t know of any other way the forum can assist.

Have you tried turning it on and off again? We’re just users like you so we can’t really feel anything other than sympathy and/or “whatever” depending on our individual feelings v Fiverr. Have you gone to Customer Support and started up an account and then used an order number and your user name to get to the root of it?

I mean tech’s falliable. If you try 2-3 times and it doesn’t work, it’s time to call it a day and try again tomorrow in case it’s a weird glitch. Works for me. If it still doesn’t, I load up the evidence and make a new account and reasonably point out that I’m frustrated because XYZ.

You’re basically shrieking about something that none of us know about and can’t help you with. If this is how you’re treating CS…well, I think I’ve found the problem. I accidentally clicked “decline” on a cancel order request (force of habit) and not 2 minutes after I went to CS to say “whoops! Please fix this, sorry for being a klutz”, it was fixed by the lovely Sheana, who I then thanked.

PS There’s not much point appealing to people who have no idea what your email is and then saying “THIS IS CLEARLY MY EMAIL”. And yes, I can see it’s been blocked out. Calm down, think about how to approach your issue and explain it to a clueless child and work it out from there.

Wow. Ok. Kind of harsh but i was not trying to appeal to people that did not know my email. It was my own way of commenting to see if others may have experienced this. I “feel” what i write be it a story or a comment about my email. Its something i do not want to lose. Your comments let me know i still have it. Thank you

Sorry, goldenapollo–my bark is worse than my bite! Customer Support is pretty oversubscribed as it is so it is worth trying again. So there’s some email glitch, so hold the frustration and play nice.

Then bitch on the forum and get someone bitch you out lol.

When that kind of stuff happens with fiverr I usually just log out, clear my cache and log back in again - solves most things for me.