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Support is unwilling to help with phone number issue!

It took support 3 days to get back to me regarding my phone number issue.

Once I was contacted the support agent has been unwilling to help with fixing the issue with my account. Nor is he willing to put me in contact with the person that can.

The issue:
I cannot login to my original account (which I can’t recall ever using) because I don’t remember my login email and password. Support will not release my phone number to allow me to set up a new account. And they won’t help me login to the old account without the email address or user name. Even though I have the phone number. I have offered to provide any and all forms of identification US State ID, Passport, name of first born child, to verify my identity and the support agent will not (says he cannot) help. And he cannot (or refuses to) put me in contact with anyone that can help.

I realize this is my fault. I forgot my username and password.
I appreciate security but come on. I cannot believe there is not a secure way to prove my identity and resolve this issue.

This sucks!


Well, I suggest you keep trying or get in touch with someone who works from Fiverr who can prove who you are.