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Support is useless like always!

Well that’s something to look forward too! At level one I just get passed around to a supervisor who tells me in summary, “What you are reporting is against our ToS, however f*ck you it’s your fault we’ll do nothing about it” and then ghosts me and locks the ticket after I reply to him.


Wait they can lock support tickets?!


Don’t take any order without knowing the specific requirement.

Example of not specific requirements:

  1. I need an attractive logo.
  2. I need fully functional plugin or app.

Example of specific requirements:

  1. I need an attractive logo. I prefer a Nevi blue color and I am selling furniture and my company name is XYZ.
  2. I need a fully functional plugin by which I will be able to add, edit and remove portfolios easily.

So, when you have the specific requirement and if client ask anything extra except this requirement then you will be able to charge extra or if client ask for unfair extra work then you will be able to contact with customer support. Otherwise client may have chance to cheat with you by cancelling the order mention that seller weren’t able to fulfil the requirement and customer support won’t be able to do anything for you.

I hope you understand :slightly_smiling_face:



Yeah. My order also got cancelled by support randomly, and I didn’t even get to say anything.

Yep, it’s almost disgusting what these Gig economies/big tech are like. This isn’t just a Fiverr problem. All these gig economies in different industries mess around with the service providers on their platform. They don’t care what happens as long as it prevents any bad reviews of their platform. At the end of the day, it’s never a good idea to consider any of these platforms a primary source of income.

Personally, my main focus is my agency and Fiverr is just extra spending money for the month. Imagine your a top-rated seller relying on the 4-8k a month you are making off Fiverr to pay your bills. At any time due to a change in TOS, a couple of bad reviews from abnormal clients, or a change in the algorithm, your life could be turned upside down.

This actually happened a while back on Youtube when they changed their monetization guidelines. Many YouTuber’s videos got demonetized and they went from making 5 figures+ a month to nothing overnight.

Working on Fiverr full time is helping you at the moment but it’s not building up to anything permanent. With your own company/agency you a building something you are in charge of and your playing by your own rules for the most part.

The bottom line is use Fiverr as long as you really need it but don’t think of it as some sort of forever full-time job and don’t let it distract you from building your own place in the industry


Yup, I put in a ticket about a customer I had place a $5 order from me, accept the delivery and immediately place a bullsh*t 1 star review slandering me and I was told:

To answer your question, no, users are not allowed to place an order with the sole purpose of leaving bad feedback. All feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales and it’s important that these reviews are honest and independent of any outside pressures, giving both buyers and sellers a chance to learn from candid and thoughtful reviews.

When I called out the “support team leader”, quoting his own words, that he was exactly describing my problem he locked the ticket and didn’t reply.

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It’s really Very bad.

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The plan is to make bank and invest to the point where you are truly financially independent. Unless you don’t need to make money to live, you are always risking it, be it on Fiverr or anywhere else. Have a traditional job? You can get fired. Have your own platform/business? You can get canceled/go under. “A place in the industry” means nothing if the industry crumbles or changes.

Have enough money safe to live the rest of your life without needing to make more? You’re golden. How much that is will vary from person to person, of course. For me, 1 mil would be enough to retire with proper investment.


Yes, brother. But it’s a true fact.

Update: they keep closing my tickets marking them as “SOLVED” with no single answer. What is support for if I won’t get a single support?!

Contact in Facebook They will take action instant! Tell them about problem. And make sure write down your ticket number!

Okay I’ll try that. I hope they respond. Thank you

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Yep, sounds about right.