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Support keep closing tickets!

Hello Fiverr lovely community,

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue. I’m a buyer and reported Fiverr a very serious TOS voilation of a seller.
But Support keep marking my tickets as Sloved without even replying me once. That seller still selling third party content without licence.

Its very very weird behaviour of support,I encounter in my whole life.
Do Fiverr really wants the third party get involved in all this and sue them millions of dollars??
Should I inform the third party direct now as its now been more than 1 week. Nothing from support team.

please advice


Hey, support is pretty backed up right now cause of the whole pandemic thing. If you made more than 1 ticket for the same issue then they’ll automatically get closed.


Thanks for your reply.
Oh! I see,hopefully they wont close my original ticket as now been waiting for more than 5 days.

Appreciated bud!