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Support mentally,please

I tried to work by creating an account a long time ago but i couldn’t.Later i was forced to open a new account now.when will i not get a job?my goal in life is to work on fiverr. :sob:

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Keep chasing after that goal! Believe in it and you’ll get there :slight_smile:

It took me 45 days to get my first order. Some get their first order in a week, some a year, some never. Since the pandemic started there have been thousands like you who joined Fiverr, so there is much competition.

It is best to look at other seller profiles and gigs in your niche and see how you can change your gigs to stand out as there are 51,413 other gigs for data entry. 47,678 of them are new sellers.

If you are here because you heard making a living on Fiverr is easy? This video may be informative.

This article may help you to get orders.


thanks,dear :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: