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Support needs to inform sellers about existing disputes


Recently i have got 3 of my orders cancelled by support, i have no clue about the reason. And later i am not allowed to contact the buyer.

I have delivered the service, client has given awesome review. This orders were completed and later it is cancelled.

No idea for what.

If these are scammer buyers, then they are at complete advantage. They have got the work done for FREE and we sellers are not paid and our cancellation ratio gets affected


Infact, i sell Youtube views. I have all the data of views mentioned in the order page and all the videos are intact with the view count clearly seen.

There is no intimation from either buyer or customer care about this dispute.

Orders were high tickets. Almost $150 worth of orders which were cancelled.

Sellers need to be protected. Scammers will try to find some new way to misuse the system