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Support suspension, How to I lift it? or contact fiverr regarding this?


I am a Drupal seller on Fiverr, selling since 2014.

Almost 13 months back I got support suspension in July 2016 (which I actually realised in March 2017), I was suspended just because I raised the same ticket twice.

Now the question is how do I lift it?
Since I am unable to log into, neither I get a reply if I email them at

Also, my sister sent them ( an email on my behalf to which they said the user should email from his own email, which when I do, I don’t get a reply back.

If anyone from Fiverr support is out here, or anyone who has been through this.
Kindly help me out.

Much appreciation.


When you say it’s a support suspension do you mean that you still have your account but cannot contact support?

Exactly …

My Fiverr profile is up and running, I am getting orders.

All I cannot do is log into
Also, I can email but I do not get reply from them :frowning:

and if I try submitting a ticket from directly without logging in I get this:

I don’t have an answer to this but you must have made them mad.

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I have over 500 tickets to Fiverr Customer Support over 5 years.

How the hell do you get banned for just sending 2 tickets on the same issue? 0_o

Like. You SERIOUSLY must have done something ABYSMALLY wrong.


They must not have liked the cut of his jib.

But seriously I’ve only heard of this when someone cursed at them, or sent dozens of duplicate messages.