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As we all see that whole wolrd is in crisis due to COVID-19. My suggestion is that all freelancers who are doing thier freelancing on fiverr should donate 5-10% of their earnings and donate it to respective countries from where freelancers are wroking on fiverr with tag line " we are helping our loved ones from (Name of the country) like America,UK,Pakistan,India etc.
From Freelaners of (Name of the country). Logo and platform of fiverr should also be wriiten.
Through this we can play main part in the help on needies across the world.


What? No way. Like, never in a million years. Let Fiverr donate a share of their 20% cut if they want to be the good guys and get the nice press. Forced charity? Honestly I have no idea what some people are drinking. I’ve read many bad ideas in the forum over the years, but this one takes the cake.

This thread needs to be closed.


Why we do such thing, If you want to donate to your country, you can do it by yourself like every country maintains an account for their locals to donate, to fight against this virus. So what’s the point we have to do that with Fiverr? Fiverr can’t force sellers to donate. If someone wants to donate, there is no need of a middle-ware, they can do that by themselves.

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OP you give your earnings to whatever charity you want. Your post here is completely repugnant to all the hard working sellers here.

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If expletives weren’t banned here, I’d have about 5 for you right now.

Here’s another thing though. Why since this started are people from the same countries where $5 goes quite a long way, suddenly begging for handouts?

Did you spend all your spare dosh while you had it on feeding the local poor or oppressed? If so, I must have missed all the posts celebrating that in my 6-years here. Curiously, though, I do remember posts about buying new cars, super gaming PCs, and a few by a few people that seemed to delight in pointing out the fact that they were considerably wealthier than their peers.

Now, stop begging. You’ll have much better luck trying to find a way to go back in time and open a savings account.

I’m also sorry if pointing out the blatantly obvious here is upsetting to anyone. However, I find it upsetting getting messages like this every day:

Hi hun.

Sorry cancel that shopping please. Sorry about this… But the ten euro’s I mentioned is the only money I have now till after the 21st of this month due to 120 Euro I’m still owed from work not coming in.

So sadly now I have to find the money as my landlady is not going to be happy if I can’t pay her this month and it’s not like I have family I can as for a lone till it’s sorted.

I will catch up with you soon. Take care and keep safe

Only then to come here and see people putting on a cash-strapped Mother Teresa routine. Any more begging (regardless of how it is dressed) needs to start resulting in bans. It’s rude, very insensitive, and more than extremely annoying.

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She is just trying to help. I propose the following - you and I donate 0%, and she donates 30% (since a pay cut obviously isn’t a big deal for her). There, she has the three of us covered in terms of donations!

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Begging must be the norm in some places and what is looked to as a backup plan. It’s outrageous to keep seeing these on the fiverr forum.

People have gall to do this. We all have enough problems right now struggling with our new routines due to the pandemic.

There is already fund for US existing. Should you really want to help feel free to donate here.

I propose that these people start spamming Jeff Bezos for a handout after they have set up an actual charity and have a concrete means of getting donations to where they are needed.

As it happens, no one wants to do the setting up of a charity part. They either just want your $$$ or they want someone to set up their charity, because you know… They’ve had the idea. Now it’s your job to be a good person and work for free to make it happen.

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Dump it all into it, they do good work. If Warren trusts them, I trust them. The oracle has spoken.

Most of us don’t have spare money lying around to give away to questionable charities or we wouldn’t be working on fiverr.

And I get the impression that others here on fiverr have a very hard time managing and most don’t even get any orders so to have someone come along saying we should have a percentage of our earnings taken away is at best mindless and at worst sadistic.

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What? Why would you even think of doing that? What kind of genius idea is this?

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