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Support won't generate an invoice for an order, have ignored my questions

Not sure where else to post this, so I’m posting it here.

I had an order that was $300+ and fulfilled it with USPS. Unfortunately, USPS mishandled the package and subsequently damaged all the items in the order. The buyer sent me photos of all the damage, and I contacted USPS for an insurance claim since the entire thing was insured. I then immediately refunded the buyer, since it was obviously damaged and USPS was at fault.

The thing is, USPS doesn’t think that a screenshot of the order page is sufficient proof of value. They want to see an invoice with the buyer’s billing/shipping address, name, and list of items purchased. I read on here that if you contact support they will generate an invoice for you, so I went and opened a ticket. They told me they could not generate an invoice, and that I instead had to fill out my billing information in account settings and one would be generated come the 15th of the next month. This was on July 23rd.

Well, the 15th came and went, and it’s been 3 days, and I haven’t received the invoice. I tried contacting support through that ticket 4 times since then, and they have ignored my questions, not even offering a response. I need that invoice or I will be out $300.

So what’s up, fiverr? Is there someone reading this that can help me out? The support request I put in was REQUEST #1051083. I have until August 29th to file yet another appeal. I’d greatly appreciate it if someone from fiverr can look into this, and generate an invoice for me.

Edit: they decided to respond today, and told me they only give invoices to buyers. Great.