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Hi. I need that Fiverr will remove a bad feedback on my gig. Do you know what kind of support is it?


Do Refund to unhappy client or we say that do cancel the order money will refund and review will removed.


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The order has been canceled and he got a refund.






How much negative reviews you have?

Work hard and earn some positive reviews and then no one care about your negative reviews

You need to maintain 95% rating to get work


CS will only help in circumstances surrounding the Somewhat-Flawed Rating System Categories such as the formula with category 3… If your request merits it, CS can help, when customers aren’t being so helpful…Can’t hurt to check with them.

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thank you but what kind of support is it?

there are: order support, account support, gig support, technical support, ios app feedback, android app feedback, intellectual property claims- copyright violations, intellectual property claims- tradmark violations.

wich one??


I’d go Order, it will get to the right place

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i agree with glowindia, work hard and hard. and give something valuable to then. they will come back to you definitely.


@rotemking13 it happen with me some client leave 3 star with good review… i did refund and feedback removed.