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Suppose this is a Buyer Request

I need a Logo Design for my e-commerce business.
Budget: $10
Time: 2 Days
Now please write an professional offer.

Note: I am a new seller and need some Ideas to write a proper offer. That’s why I have posted this. I could post a buyer request but to maintain honesty, I posted here. So, please help me.
Thanks in Advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s okay to write your buyer proposal

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Pick me! I will use the $10 you are paying me to buy a grilled chicken salad for lunch in 14 days. 100% guarantee that’s what I’m a spend it on. Very professional but hungry.


Buyer proposals do not belong in the Buyer Request section. It can be marked as spam and you may receive a warning. Plus your buyer proposal will only be seen by other sellers.

thanks you very much

Help or skip. Please do not troll.

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@sumonlight, But some forbids.

I was not trolling you, I was simply making a joke. A joke is something that is meant to make people laugh. Your body releases an endorphin that relieves stress when you laugh. I was trying to help but not in the way you expected me to.

This is a public forum by the way, I am free to reply to any post of my choosing as long as I abide by the forum rules.


Ok thanks for trying to make me laugh. Have a nice day.

Concerning your question, please see: Buyer's Request: 39 Offers, Should you bid ❓


So you want us to write your buyer’s request offer for you?




@genuineguidance I will not use the offers (what you will write here) . will take some ideas only.

@imagination7413 ,Thanks a lot for mention my mistake. I have changed the category.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what to write, but you could say something on the lines of:

Hello. I’m _____. I can design this logo for your e-commerce business. For this logo package, I charge _____ along with a delivery time of ____. Also, I have plenty of experience making logos and I can provide some examples of my previous work. I’ve included a few extras in this offer such as ______. If you have any questions, I’m always available to answer them. Thank you.

You don’t have to write something exactly like that, but that was just a quick example that I came up with.

Also, I would recommend doing some research on the Forum and learning about what buyers like to see in a buyer request. Hope this helps!


I’d skip the request completely.