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Surely this is NOT okay


Went to buyer request section this evening to see if there were any requests I might be able to submit offers to. Normally I’m annoyed when I see other VO sellers trying to advertise there but we all know that happens a lot. Today thoug, the first one on the list was one that reads:

“Need a Voice Over for this GIG description as a Demo. I will be placing more orders If you do it free as a demo”

Basically, asking for the first one free, can they even ask that?


BR is the idiot pool for both sides. I never go there.
However, everybody is free to ask whatever he wants. The question is if he will get it.
On the other hand this shows exactly what kind of people are on that portion of this platform.


True, but I have had two sales in the two months since I joined Fiverr, both from BR. Paying my dues…


Good for you. (20 characters)


Yes they can ask for a free one but I feel bad for anyone who actually does that.
I agree with Mario about it being a place for the less able. The fact that it worked well for you shows you are determined and a go-getter. Congratulations.


Thanks for the compliment. Again, I just know this is what I have to do to get jobs early. I’ve submitted 105+ offers and got two sales, only one of which left feedback. But it was 5 stars, so definitely worth it. Just trying to be patient, stay positive, and remember that in time I won’t have to ask for business, it will come to me.


Here are more compliments: you sound amazing. You are incredibly talented and have a nice variety of voices to use for each type of job.

I’m practicing my voiceovers but I know it’s for professionals with experience so that let’s me out. Still it’s enjoyable. I really admire anyone who is talented at this.

I expect you will eventually become very successful on fiverr. It takes a while to get going but it’s worth the time spent in the beginning getting a good reputation.


I also got 2 of my 7 total orders from the BR section. I was lucky enough for them to both fell motivated to leave positive feedback, but man, getting a good hit on there really is finding a gem in the rough.

I wonder with Fiverr being the thriving, prosperous community that it is, why the BR section seems so consistently unprofessional.


It attracts both sellers who are desperate to get an order, combined with buyers who sometimes want to take advantage of a new desperate seller.


Yes, that does make sense. Though I do believe that it can and very well should be optimized to the point where it will attract more than those two demographics exclusively


If you can think of a way to do that let me know.


People forget that the name of this site is Fiverr, not Freever or Freeloaderr. I’m not against working for $5 or $10 because this might become $20 to $50 in the future if the client likes my work. I am against working for free. It hurts the seller and it hurts Fiverr.

If you see a request, you can always answer it. If their budget is $5, you can quote $10. The client is free to take it or leave it.


Hey Phil, welcome to the wonderful world of fiverr voiceovers. Yes you are doing it right. Work those buyers requests and take whatever you can get until you get level 1. Then you can start depending on them even less. It will take a while to get to level 2, but when you do, never go to BR again, and raise your prices. Good luck.


Not sure it’s working “well”, but it’s gotten me two sales in two months. If I hadn’t done it it would be 0 sales. But it’s about persistence


Thanks so much for the compliments! I do my best…:grin:


Definitely hoping there comes a time where I NEVER have to go back to BR. It’s a pain…


Yes of cause there are some spam buyers too so dont ever done anything without a order, that’s it.