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Surprised about topic removal


Yesterday we had a quite interesting topic, where another forum member and me went a little off topic.
I should rather say that we got more into depth about certain details, what was probably too much for everyone to grasp without falling asleep. I totally get this.

The surprising thing is this: while there was no foulmouthed word in the discussion (at least not during the time that I was following said topic), I noticed that the topic was suddenly removed entirely.

Even more surprising was the fact that at the same time at least 10 new topics with all the same questions popped up. Questions like “I’m new, how do I get sales”, “I’m on Fiverr for 25 seconds and still no order” (<- OK, sarcasm, it was a couple of month), “How do I promote my gig” and the list goes on and on.
All this questions have been asked thousands of times and have been answered over and over again. Questions by people who don’t take the effort to search the forum before asking and when they get an answer, they don’t read it but open a new topic with the same question. They just formulate it a little different.

I wonder why they don’t get removed, while a topic with some depth does.

As I said, I don’t know if there were fights in my absence, but it’s still surprising.


Yes, someone has been censoring the forum pretty aggressively lately.

Oh I almost forgot.


Hmmm, maybe we scared people away.
Let’s stay with the puppies then.


I think the OP of the topic had been discussed/run its course and it was moving into the political sphere and that is why it was removed. In that situation, it can be better to go into a PM and discuss it - it just can’t really be public.

Regarding the Mek Sell posts, I would love to just remove them all and we have tried various approaches to reduce/recycle these but nothing seems to work. One issue is that when a Mek sell post appears, some people get into discussions on them and so it is not really fair to remove it at that point - it’s not like we are online at all times or that I want to spend all my forum time going through those to see if they have any value before deleting them! I like to pretend that I have a life too…

Also, if you havent already, I suggest you mute the My Fiverr Gigs and Improve My Gig categories to cut down on those types of post.


Thanks, didn’t know about the mute option.
Muted the heck out of it :slight_smile:


The last pup is @Woofy31 :smiley:

He’s always left behind it seems.

Following the scent of the :meat_on_bone: :cut_of_meat:


That must have been the one where I mentioned a certain public figure.


I don’t recall that you mentioned a name of a public figure.
Mike and me were actually exchanging information over some differences in regulations between European countries and the US. There was of course a political aspect to it, but it was not about parties or anything like that. We exchanged some numbers and behavior on the stock market.


Yes, I’m surprised it got removed. The title is “U.S Dollar is weak”. I’m the OP.


I think that maybe mods (who are stretched anyway) are trying to prevent political fire fights.


A certain bank was named.
So I mentioned some previous officials of that. The mods could see the direction it was headed.


Yup! Political topics always get heated like molten lava :volcano:


Discussion of the value of the U.S. dollar is fraught with politics now.


I am loving the stock market though…



All the politics aside, we talked about the weak Dollar. While it stimulates the export for the US, it makes the import into the US more expensive. What it the long run leads to inflation (keep in mind that a 3% inflation is seen as normal). This is just the other side of the coin. Therefore I hope it will stabilize wherever it is now.

It’s just economics, you can change the name of the valuta in order not to make it about the country itself.
This way we can keep politics out of it. When the valuta of your country gets lower and lower you will finally feel it in your own pocket, because products from foreign countries become more expensive. Of course one can state that this doesn’t matter, because one then just can buy the products that are made in ones own country, but this is only a good thing if also the resources needed for the production come from ones own country. Plus, national products will also go up in price, this is where one notices that he/she get’s less product for the same money.
Easy example:
Let’s say cherries are imported and an x amount of them costs 100 coins and due to the decline of the national currency, the price go up by 10%. Now the same amount costs 110 coins.
All the people decide now to buy the cherries from national vendors instead of importing them. Everybody in the country is happy since nothing changed. But at a certain point the national vendor will think “Hey, let me raise the cherrie price to 109 coins. I’m still cheaper than the foreign vendor and make 9% more profit”. Of course the wages don’t go up with the cherrie prices etc…


No more charts.:space_invader:


I loved it once too. I was trading in options for years and in 2007 my guts told me that something wasn’t right. I stepped out of the whole thing and one year later the crash happened. If I had gone short on the housing market (nearly nobody thought of that) I would have a lot more money than I have now.


Try not to think in terms of who is the Oval Office. There are other players who trick the big casino.

BTW: Every time someone tried to get me into some transactions by showing me graphics I always told them that I only believe the ones that I faked myself.


So would it be better if we just ignore the Mek Sale post? Some say they got and gave massages and that just sounds wrong. :flushed:

I have muted “My Fiverr Gigs” and “Improve My Gigs” But plenty still come through. I think I will avoid the Mek Sells form now on.


It’s up to you if you want to ignore them. They get tedious as they are all alike.