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Survey after contacting fiverr support

Can somebody tell me who control the survey system which is sent to my email after I contact fiverr customer support ? Can we speak openly about fiverr customer support in that survey ? Does Fiverr Administration receive survey response after I submit it or Fiverr Customer Support itself receive it ? Need information. Please help

Why not submit a CS ticket with your queries?

As for the survey, I think honesty is best. Of course, in a professional manner.

Whenever I complete a survey not just for Fiverr but for other websites, I don’t sugarcoat anything.

I don’t know exactly who is controlling and reviewing the surveys but I hope they are other than Fiverr Customer Support.

There is no problem speaking openly about Fiverr Customer Support. I myself recently submitted a survey and spoke openly about them.

Every one of us should submit the survey, at least someone will take some action.

I have submitted CS ticket with my queries and I receive very unprofessional responses. They didn’t tried to help me… I want to let fiverr administration know about those unprofessional responses through their survey system. This is what this thread all about.

Oh I see.

Well, that’s fine and dandy. Since the survey is designed to share your experience then go for it.

I can’t comment on your issue(s) since I don’t know what happened.

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