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Surviving on Fiverr

You may be new and saying to yourself, or you may be here for a good while, but you put up a gig that isn’t doing so well, and then you begin to ask yourself how am I going to cope in this big world of FIVERR? There are so many people on here many of whom have many more experiences than I do. Also, there are so many talented people here, what am I doing?

As a newcomer, naturally at some point in time either browsing through the website too before joining to what it’s about and or after joining the website, we all feel intimidated at some time or feel like we don’t see the sense in it.

We question if we made the right decision. You might have thought that it is too big for you.

Well let me tell you that I commend you to take such a big step.

To make it:

Just promote your GIG on all social media platforms, for as much of the online world to see, just post like you’re crazy. Additionally, search also for specific niches and post your profile and gigs and promote them, don’t think that you are being a bother; I used to think like that, but that kind of thinking only stiffens your growth; throw that kind of mindset through the window and leave room for things like “hope, I can, I will and I am dedicated to this goal etc.” in this online you can’t, well, you shouldn’t think of people opposing view, just step out and do your thing.

Speak to that voice says that you can’t and question: why can’t I do it?

What could hinder one’s progress here?

Nothing but one’s own self-limiting thoughts because even if someone tells you that you can’t make it on Fiverr, all that matters is what you think, if you believe you can’t then I promise you, you cant. However, if you tell yourself that you can do.

How to survive on Fiverr; belief in yourself first, believe that you are equally, as a matter of fact, you are more than talented.

Make use of the BUYER REQUESTS; new and old freelancers (don’t ever think you are too seasoned to check buyer request).

Believe you made the right choice to come on this platform.

Most importantly, believe that you are in this thing to win it and take actions that feed into that belief.

My profile is a prime example

Not all your gigs are going to take, but still, promote and do work as you get them and refresh them occasionally and keep pushing and–



this is how you can promote yourself…

@rizwansb No, this is NOT how you promote yourself. This is how you get your post removed from the forum.

A better way to do it is by creating your own thread in the My Fiverr Gigs category and post your link/promotion there. And not be hijacking other users’ threads.

@arcodecode Thank you for pointing that out.

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no i am sorry i was saying that to some body else. As that person is posting link almost everywhere, i saw at three places atleast.

your post is fine i read it and it is quite nice
wish you luck for more

Oh okay, thanks for reading and enjoying it as well.

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