Suspended and Possibly Lied to by Fiverr Customer Support


Sorry the title is a bit bleak, but I want to tell you all about my recent experience with Fiverr, and the customer support. I want to make it clear that I have no vendetta against the support, and frankly have had an amazing experience with them prior to my issue. Also note that identifying features such as names are blanked out from the screenshots in this post.

It all began about three days ago when I had updated my gig extra’s to be more in line with what my customers may ask for, that being the removal of my name from the design copyright of their website I design. Why? Simply some people don’t want it, and if I make a bit of more money and they’re happy to do so then why not! Well… about 15 minutes after updating my gig I go back onto Fiverr to find that my account had been suspended.

I naturally check my email to see what has happened:

So at this point I’m thinking okay, perhaps when I title the gig extra “I will remove my branding from your final website design” the system picked up on it, thinking I was offering a debranding service, which could be in violation of copyright. At that point; I’m thinking okay simply a system issue detecting a key word and it’ll get resolved soon… No, I was wrong.

Response from Fiverr Customer Support:

So at that point I’m baffled, what an earth is he on about “entering the wrong code too many times”. At that specific point in time I didn’t ask what this code was, simply asked questions why didn’t I get a warning on my email about a wrong code being entered… whatever that code was. This is my response:

This is their response after that:

After that response I managed to get my account reactivated, minus my Level One rank and gigs which were all fixed down the line, as you’ll soon see. Now after this is where I ask about what the code is… now I do want to state that I’m not trying to be rude when talking them, I’m just British!

Long conversation image upcoming!

Now take in mind, the main question I am asking them now is ‘What is the code’ something which was not explained to me despite asking many times. So I took a wild guess, “Is it to do with the phone verification?” I said. as seen in the next screenshot:

Now that’s where the conversation ends… you’re probably thinking hold on; what is wrong with this? Before I was suspended, I NEVER setup phone verification, or had a phone number on record with Fiverr. So, how can I be suspended for entering the wrong code of something that was never setup on my account in the first place?

Going back to my first assumption on what the suspension was about, the branding removal. I still think that the system detected it, suspended me and Fiverr then looked into it once I raised an enquiry with them. That’s why the first email says the suspension is regarding their ToS. They either decided to say something else, or there was a glitch in their system. I’m just extremely confused at this point and I’m sad to say Fiverr Customer Support have not helped in resolving that confusion.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Am I being paranoid, and rude? As to be honest, I could just be taking this all out of proportion. But at the end of the day, my Fiverr account was suspended because of something I never did, which means it could happen again. I lost out on an order I was negotiating which would have really made my month, but sadly things like this happen.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hi, in Germany they say:
Ende gut, alles gut

All’s Well That Ends Well

That could be, but for what I’ve read they have been very nice with you. Think that they have to deal with maybe thousand tickets and problems per day.

You’ve got your account back?
You’ve written a word that’s triggered the ToS control?
Was there a possibility to avoid that by reading/double checking the ToS first?
Did you verify your phone number?
No (why? I thought that was a must, and if you didn’t do it you could be suspended just for that reason, or I think you have 3 months to do it):confused:
Fiverr is experimenting new things on it’s website?

There are a lot of bugs and strange stuff happening in the last time… I hope it will end soon!

Don’t think too much about it, I know you may be thinking “this could happen again”, but by reading the ToS in advance before any modifications to your Gigs, and by verifying your phone you’ll be good to go happy and lucky :slight_smile:


I totally understand that, but frankly my business I offer on Fiverr was affected from this, and my question left unanswered. What I did wasn’t in violation of ToS as I said, simply that there might have been a keyword in play here. To avoid anything that might set off a keyword would be not to do any business at all.


I think this is probably why you were suspended in the first place. It looks like there were some communication issues with CS, but it worked out. All veteran users should have had a phone number attached by mid-April at the latest, as far as I know.

Glad it all worked out overall. A lot of people have had sales issues recently too. Search has been in flux and Fiverr is apparently cleaning up categories. It happens. Your boat might not be rocking much now, so I wouldn’t try to make it start up again. :slight_smile:


Sorry you went through this. As fonthaunt said, you need to give a phone number and verify it with a code that is sent to your phone, which you then enter into a box that appears on your fiverr page.

I think CS handled things very well. I don’t see where you were lied to by them.


Understood, thanks for clearing everything up @fonthaunt, @wuerz123 and @misscrystal. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from Fiverr and expect them to explain everything to me is unrealistic. Lesson learned for the future, and hopefully one to avoid also.

Thanks again,


There was a pop-up that was supposed to warn all users about problems 30 days before the phone verification became mandatory. It’s always possible something went wrong with the pop-up from the Fiverr side or whatever browser code does that sort of thing. It sounds like it might have just been a miss that wasn’t intentional. Hope all gets worked out.