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Suspended / Review by Trust & Safety - How would you go about it?

So after roughly 6 years on Fiverr, a few days back, the third warning hit my account and I got suspended and placed under review. Shock.

Here is a rundown of my warnings:

1: A few years back I used the delivery button in a wrong way, totally my bad, lesson learned.
2: A few months back, a customer asked for my email address. In a stressed moment, I did not think straight and gave it to him. Stupid, shit happens.

Now 3: I ‘tricked’ the system. I actually had to send 5 emails (the guy must have hated me) to get some more details. They think I tricked the system to share my phone number with a client. What?

I don’t even really understand what that is supposed to mean. Apart from that, I would never share my phone number with a client, I live in South America and receiving calls would be expensive, nor do I want clients in my private WhatsApp.

Now apparently Trust & Safety is reviewing my account. I know there is no fixed timeline, and I’m not asking for it. I just would like to know how you would approach this accusation? Would you send further emails to CS or would you trust in the Trust & Safety team to make a fair decision?

I’m level two with 270+ 5 star reviews with tons of returning customers. My intention was never to take clients off Fiverr, because I absolutely love this platform and what freedom it brings to my life.


Unfortunately, the only thing you can do, at this point, is wait for Fiverr for complete their review of your account. I don’t recommend persisting on messages to CS, as they don’t like that. You can ask nicely, but it really does comes down to waiting on the results of your review.